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Hair Loss: Is there any natural solution?*

Hair Loss has Natural Solution- Saw Palmetto Oil

There are several reasons for men’s premature thinning of hair. The most common hair loss state is named androgenetic alopecia. In men, hair loss is the gradual thinning of hair near the crown and front portion of the scalp.Best ways for men looking at natural methods for stop falling hair, and for faster hair growth and natural shine does not need depend on any chemicals.

Studies reveal that hair fall is fast becoming a major concern among men.Stress is the biggest reason for hair fall in men. Men want to stop hair fall or balding at early age are further under stress as it drains their self-confidence. While various remedies or treatments are available that claim to stop hair fall, understanding the science and, more importantly, the human body is vital to provide the best solution for countering hair loss.

Some common methods used by men for treatment of baldness include:

  • Medicines:Numerous medicines, oils, and pills offer solutions for rapid hair growth. However, many of these medicines are heavily chemical-laden.
  • Wigs:Wigs help cover complete baldness, receding hairline and thinning hair. These offer a variety of colours, textures, and styles that may be closest to the natural hair.
  • Weaves: Hair weaving is a wig sewn into your natural hair. The advantage of weaves is that they stay on during all activities. However, the drawback is their need to be re-sewn regularly whenever there is new hair growth. Moreover, the sewing process can cause further fall, stop growth, or otherwise damage natural hair.
  • Transplants: Hair transplant is an expensive treatment for stopping visible hair fall. It involves taking follicles from areas of the scalp having active hair growth and transplanting them to other areas of the scalp showing balding or thinning. Mostly, several sessions of treatment are required, while there is an ever-present risk of infection and scalp scarring. The biggest advantage of a hair transplant is that this solution is relatively permanent and looks more natural.

 However, all these methods are quite costly and time-consuming and have several side effects, making them a limited solution. Therefore, men are constantly seeking natural remedies to prevent hair fall, of which Saw Palmetto Oil is considered among the best treatment solutions. Serenoa Ripens or saw palmetto is a small native North American palm plant. This plant derives its name from its saw-like jagged leaves.

Clinically, male-pattern hair fall is related to the Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone imbalance. Hair loss is governed by the sensitivity of the hair follicles towards DHT. This hormone is responsible for absorption of vital nutrients required for hair growth. Simply put, the more the DHT hormone produced by the body, the greater the hair fall.

 A natural solution to this problem of hair fall, which has had great success in treatment of hair fall, is saw palmetto oil.It is a by-product extracted from the fruit of Serenoa Repens, a small palm tree known for its medicinal value. The berries of this plant contain flavonoids, fatty acids, and plant sterols. Saw palmetto oil stops the production of DHT (Di hydro testosterone) responsible for hair loss.

Research conducted in 2006 study showed that three in every five men with mild or moderate androgenetic alopecia had augmented hair growth after using saw palmetto oil.Even though the study size was limited, the oil is known to stop hair fall and aid hair re-growth due to its anti-androgen properties. This oil prevents the enzyme from converting testosterone to DHT, thus offering a solution for growth of follicles and as a treatment preventing chances of hair loss. Another study shows that when saw palmetto extract was applied in shampoo or lotion base, the treatment led to a growth of almost 30% in hair density.

 People using saw palmetto oil for treatment of hair loss have reported steady signs of growth and improvement and are quite satisfied with the solution.As a treatment, about 1 to 2 ml of oil application overnight with a regular gentle massage of 5 minutes helps prevent hair loss.

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While the oil-producing berry can be consumed, the treatment oil itself can be used directly to treat hair fall. The ideal recommended dosage for treatment ranges between 150 to 300mg of the berry. To ensure consumption of the right amount, it is important to consult a doctor as the saw palmetto berry can have side effects including a thinner wall lining of the prostate tubing  

Saw palmetto oil can also be combined with nettle leaf herb, well known as a solution for retarding hair fall. The daily consumption of 2 to 3 cups of nettle leaf tea or infusion, along with the application of saw palmetto oil has shown efficacy as a treatment.Apart from treating hair fall, saw palmetto oil is also known to cure cold, cough, asthma, sore throat, chronic bronchitis and migraine headache. The oil is used as a solution to increase urine flow, treat prostate cancer, and acts as a sedative and a natural aphrodisiac.

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