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Is Saw Palmetto a blessing for Men?*

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Dt. Komal Mehta PGD in Dietetics

About 80% men have thinning hair issue by the time they reach the age of 50, with some starting this process even at 20. Hair loss can have various factors. Saw palmetto capsules can control DHT to reverse this sign of premature thinning of hair in men, among various other benefits.

Men experience M-shaped pattern of thinning of hair and hair loss, which is called male pattern baldness. A receding M-pattern hairline is a clear sign of hair loss. Men can lose hair because of genetic factors, surgical procedures, scalp infection, or stressand hormonal changes. For many men, the loss of hair seems synonymous to loss of youth. Baldness can cause high stress levels, low self-esteem and even depression. Most men also feel a momentary loss of confidence due to hair loss or thinning. Though hair loss is a natural phenomenon, untimely hair loss can be a challenging condition.

  • There are many types of alopecia or hair loss. The male pattern hair loss is generally because of an excess of androgen (male hormone), which is called Androgenic alopecia. As men have higher testosterone levels, this pattern is more common in men. When testosterone is converted to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) with the help of enzyme 5-alpha reductase, it results in androgenic alopecia and benign prostatic hyperplasia. DHT makes hair follicles shrink. With ongoing DHT action, over time, hair follicles become very small and there is no hair growth, which leads to androgenic alopecia. Normally, when a hair falls, another hair growsfrom the same follicle.However, as DHT increases, hair growth decreases and hair loss becomes visible. This conversion process of the hormone can be treated naturally. Out of the numerous herbal natural therapies available, the use of Saw Palmetto oil has shown the best results. Saw palmetto can stop the conversion of testosterone into DHT, thus making hair regrow!
  • A review study has stated that Saw Palmetto can balance androgenic alopecia by maintaining normal testosterone levels. There is a rapid increase in low testosterone in men leading to hair loss, fatigue, low libido and general loss ofsense of well-being. As testosterone levels decline with age in men, they permit DHT to increase. The hair follicle becomes sensitive to DHT and starts to shrink. High DHT discourages hair growth. Use of BestSource Nutrition Saw Palmetto oil or capsulesdoes not allow testosterone to convert to DHT, thus promoting hair growth.
  • As men get older, the prostate gland becomes enlarged and inflamed, resulting in benign prostatic hypertrophy. BPH can also cause bladder infection, difficulty in urination and bladder stones. Studies have shown that saw palmetto has the ability to protect the prostate from dangerous cells. Saw palmetto oil or capsules can inhibit binding of prostate cells and 5-alpha-reductase. This reduces multiplication and enlargement of the prostate cells.
  • Saw palmetto is a natural remedy for improve urinary functions. BPH can exert pressure on the bladder and may cause difficulty in urination, reduced flow and leaky urination. Saw palmetto oil and capsules are very effective for naturally treating urinary tract infections. The research results for these have been promising.
  • Saw palmetto, in the form ofoil or capsules, also maintains healthy testosterone levels. This is responsible for the body’s strength, weight, positive mood and sexual function. As Saw Palmetto prevents DHT formation, it leads to high levels of testosterone in body. A research study has proved that daily intake of saw palmetto extract capsules can naturally improve sexual dysfunction in men.

Saw Palmetto is a miniature palm tree that produces berries. Saw Palmetto is useful in treating benign prostate hyperplasia, a condition affecting more than 50% men. This isdue to the potent anti-inflammatory, immune properties of these capsules and oil extracts that are also rich in flavonoids and fatty acid sterols. I recommend BestSource Nutrition’s Saw Palmetto cold-pressed oil and Saw Palmetto Extract Capsulesthat maintain the 100% quality levels.

As hair loss is greatly responsible for the aesthetic sense of wellbeing of a person, it is imperative to opt for a safe treatment to the natural process of hair loss. It is advisable to opt for a natural herb to combat this issue, especially as the use of saw palmetto capsules can help men maintain their youthful appearance and physical well beingin the most natural and healthy way. With today’s demanding life, Saw Palmetto is indeed a blessing for men’s health!

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