22- Feb-2017

Saw Palmetto Oil for Hair Loss Problems*

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Dt. Komal Mehta PGD in Dietetics

Saw palmetto oil is among the most used natural herb today. Cough, cold, asthma, prostate health, hair loss in men, bronchitis have seen good results with saw palmetto supplementation.

Hair loss may make one vulnerable to low self-esteem and drop in confidence. Hair loss is more common in men, and may appear synonymous with lowered testosterone levels and loss of youth with the inevitable aging process. The hectic lifestyle, pollution, changing routines and eating habits mean we cannot always ensure optimum nutrition. The onset of hair loss in men can occur at early age. Though hair loss is a natural phenomenon, untimely loss of hair is being faced by a lot of men due to various reasons, beyond simply fluctuating testosterone levels.

The average adult head may have around 100,000 to 150,000, with average hair loss of about 100 hairs per day. The life cycle of hair growth and hair loss varies with age, lifestyle, eating pattern, environment and many other factors. Though there are many types of hair loss, androgenic alopecia is a serious hair loss problem in men. In this problem, hair loss typically occurs on the top and front of the head. This can be blamed on hormones. This is because dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is known to contribute to male pattern hair loss and baldness, as it binds to scalp follicle receptors and makes them shrink. This chemical reaction occurs by conversion of testosterone (T) into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) via the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. All treatments for reversing hair loss such as hair replacement are costly and time consuming. Hair loss treatments such as using a hairpiece or hair extensions orstyling products may not be effective. Use of Saw Palmetto oil is the only natural solution for the male pattern hair loss and balding or Androgenic Alopecia. Saw Palmetto oil acts on 5α-reductase and inhibits the conversion of testosterone into stronger dihydrotestosterone (DHT). I highly recommend BestSource Nutrition’s Saw Palmetto Oil for men facing hair loss and imbalanced testosterone levels as this saw palmetto oil is standardized to 95% total fatty acids and cold pressed to ensure best results.

Saw palmetto is a palm-like tree with berries. Traditional medicine uses it for urinary, reproductive, prostate problems. Saw palmetto fruit is rich in fatty acids, phytosterols and flavonoids. It inhibits the binding and stimulating of prostate cells to prevent the prostate from becoming enlarged.

For hair loss in men, I recommend that men apply saw palmetto oil regularly overnight, preferably gently massaging it into the scalp for 5 minutes to ensure the oil seeps into hair roots. For optimal health benefits, you can also consume saw palmetto oil by adding 1 to 2 ml twice daily in any food preparation such as cooked vegetables, dals etc.

Key uses of Saw Palmetto Oil for men are that it is a natural solution for hair loss in men and also supports men’s prostate health.

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