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The liver is the main detoxifying organ of the body. It is very important that we maintain a good healthy liver by following a certain diet and food routines, using supplements such as milk thistle extract capsule help in natural liver cleanse.

The liver helps in the absorption of nutrients that we consume as food and in removing the waste generated during digestion. Thus, the liver is the natural detoxifying organ of our body. It separates useful nutrients from food waste to synthesize many hormones, enzymes and other biochemical molecules required for the body’s functioning.

Our liver performs many important functions like simultaneously filtering and receiving substances. It stores energy in the form of glycogen. A liver detox or a liver cleanse is required to help the liver perform better. A liver cleanses or a liver detox is crucial for the following reasons.

  • Alcohol consumption- Consumption of alcohol can damage the liver. Alcohol can lead to inflammation and destruction of liver cells due to excessive dehydration. Alcohol also leads to cirrhosis and fatty liver. Thus people who consume alcohol regularly need a liver to cleanse or a liver detox.
  • Increased processed food consumption- Today, dependence on and availability of packaged and ready to eat foods is increasing over natural foods. Processed foods increase liver burden, necessitating regular liver cleanse.
  • Heavy protein and steroids- Gym goers routinely consume protein powders and steroids for muscle mass gain. However high protein foods and steroids, on continuous consumption, can increase the burden on the liver. Excessive protein and steroids can be harmful as they cause the liver to generate much more toxic waste than normal, hence requiring frequent liver cleanses.
  • Viral infections and uses of antibiotics- Continuous medications for people suffering from various diseases and certain viral or bacterial infections also affect liver functioning. To balance and restore normal functioning, a liver cleanse is required.

These, along with other factors, may obstruct normal liver functions of digesting and eliminating food. When liver cells swell, the liver functions are affected. A liver detox helps in increasing our energy levels, as many vital hormones and enzymes are synthesized by our liver for our daily metabolic activities only when the liver is healthy.

A dietary supplement used for liver cleanse manufactured by BestSource Nutrition is Milk Thistle Extract capsule. This is 80% standardized silymarin to help in natural liver detox. Milk thistle is a thorny plant, which is used as a natural herbal remedy for liver detox. This natural herb heals damaged liver cells and stimulates the flushing out of toxins. The major active natural ingredient present in milk thistle is silymarin. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant agent. The silymarin found in milk thistle inhibits the binding of harmful toxins to liver cells and protects the liver from injury caused due to drugs, alcohol, preservatives and radiation. It increases the rate of protein synthesis in liver cells and encourages repair after any damage to the liver due to drugs or medication.

This natural supplement is free of harmful additives and can be used along with foods to help natural liver cleanse. It increases the rate of protein synthesis in liver cells and encourages natural repair of the liver following damage due to drugs or medication. Milk thistle also protects against skin cancer and as a natural treatment for many allergies. Milk thistle also relieves heartburn and balances sugar levels in diabetes. The BestSource Milk Thistle Extract capsule, along with certain foods such as cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli), whole grains, green tea, etc. help in natural liver detox and liver cleanse. Among other foods, lemon juice and turmeric also possess antioxidant properties to naturally aid liver detox.

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