8 Killer Tips Reduce Belly Fat

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Dr. Varsha Mishra
Doctor Renu Bala Shehria
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Belly fat, the most stubborn kind of fat, is the root cause of many health problems.To reduce belly fat and lose fat overall, we present the best fat burning tips, with a combination of exercise, diet and support aids.

Abdominal obesity, apple shape body, central obesity, or belly fat all refer to excessive fat accumulation over the abdominal region. As compared to peripheral obesity or pear shape obesity (an excessive fat accumulation over buttocks and thighs), central obesity is considered more hazardous to health. It can pose a threat to an individual’s cardio-metabolic health. Excessive belly fat can put an individual at an increased risk of developing diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis and many cancers such as breast cancer in females, prostate cancer in males, and cancers of colon and esophagus, to name a few.

Belly fat can lower self-esteem in people, thereby causing stress. This stress, itself, causes numerous mental and physical ailments. Fat burning to reduce belly fat or to get rid of obesity is never easy. It requires motivation, determination, strong will power, and a disciplined dietary and exercises regime. Despite it being the most harmful kind of fat, it is the toughest to reduce belly fat.

Here are the best measures one can take to lose fat from the belly.

Although many factors including age, gender, physical activity and nutritional status of an individual cause and influence central obesity, some diet-related and lifestyle modification can help greatly to reduce belly fat.

Exercise: Brisk walking, running, swimming, cycling are considered the best exercises to reduce belly fat. These exercises show better and sustained results rather than any strenuous exercise. Hence, all these are categorized under cardio or aerobic exercises. Along with exercise, following an active daily schedule is important to stay healthy and lose fat. Sitting still for long hours can increase belly fat. Therefore, even at the workplace, one should take small strolls, whenever possible.

Sugars and refined flours: Minimal consumption of sugar and totally avoiding refined flour in diet can greatly help reduce belly fat. Dr. Michael Sharon quotes in his book, “Complete Nutrition” that “Obesity is related to dietary sucrose”.The liver converts over consumed sugar to the fat that is stored in the body. This contributes to belly fat. One should completely avoid sweet beverages to reduce belly fat, as they are highly concentrated, empty-calorie foods, devoid of nutrients.

Eat mini-meals: Frequent mini-meals can help fat burning greatly. If you want to reduce belly fat, take frequent mini-meals after every two hours rather than taking three big meals in a day. This practice improves digestion. The diet consumed should be light, with less fat content.

Proteins: Monitor your diet for what should be consumed when.A diet with plenty of proteins, which is low in fats and carbohydrates, can help. Proteins provide a feeling of satiety for a longer time and curb hunger pangs and overeating.

Fiber: Include plenty of fiber (soluble and insoluble) in the diet to reduce belly fat. Fiber keeps the stomach full for longer. It does not add too many calories in the diet and aids in healthy bowel movement, thus relieving bloating and flatulence. Flax seeds, nuts, beans, avocados, apples are all rich in fiber.

Stress management: Managing stress is also very important to lose fat effectively. People tend to eat more when lonely, sad, or depressed. They find solace in it. Staying happy and confident can correct overeating caused by emotional upsets. One should practice meditation, calming exercises or yoga asanas to achieve mental peace. I recommend the inclusion of “Chamomile tea” by BestSource Nutrition in your diet to control stress, bring calmness and tranquility and to curb emotional overeating. It also helps the process of fat burning by improving digestion.

Honey: Honey helps to lose fat. It can replace refined sugar in the diet. It contains many vitamins and minerals, along with calories, which mean that the nutrient reserves of the body are not used to digest it.

  • Dinner hygiene: One should finish eating at least two to three hours before going to bed. Avoid junk foods completely. They are loaded with empty calories and trans-fats.

    Efforts to lose fat can become really fruitful by including a natural and safe fat burning supplement in the daily routine. Adding the right fat burning supplement is the key to success to reduce belly fat.

    In view of safety and reliability, I trust only LOSE FAT (weight loss support pills) from BestSource Nutrition. LOSE FAT has a right mix of five safe and natural ingredients- Garcinia Cambogia, green tea, green coffee bean, grape seed, and cinnamon –included in its 500 mg capsules. All the constituents of LOSE FAT are from vegetarian sources and are completely pure.

    It hastens fat burning and is convenient to consume for rapid fat burning. LOSE FAT does not cause acne. The best thing about LOSE FAT is that it is a completely natural fat burning supplement.

    Under the supervision of an expert, following the above tips can help to reduce belly fat with sustained results. Modification of diet and lifestyle, along with a daily 20-minute exercise regime, is necessary for every individual in today’s time to stay healthy and fit always.

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    There are many exercises accessible, but not all of them are beneficial or the same when it comes to fat loss. Doctors agree, however, that including physical activity into your daily routine is an effective method to lose belly fat and waist fat. Thank you for providing this informative information.

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