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Joint Support Formula
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Long term pain in joints, physical disability due to improper joint conditions have affected millions around the world. FIT BODY™ Joint Care Veg Capsules is a perfect way to assist Joint Care for mobility, flexibility and joint health. It is a carefully researched formula having safe, natural and proven ingredients that supports Joint care by:

  • Reducing Joint Inflammation & Pain
  • Decreasing Joint Stiffness & Swelling

All ingredients of Fit Body™ Joint Care are standardized and hygienically extracted to guarantee high quality.

(* This product is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease ) 
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Fit Body™ Joint Care Veg Capsule’s has 7 herbal extracts that are standardized to specific concentration. All these are safe, natural and proven herbal ingredients that supports Joint Care. Synergy of these herbal ingredients in joint support is even more stronger than any individual ingredient.


Serving Size: 1 Veg Capsule Capsules per container: 60 Veg Capsules Amounts Per Serving:
  • Shallaki Extract (65%) - 125mg
  • Methika Extract (40%) - 75mg
  • Haldi Extract (5%) - 50mg
  • Adrak Extracts (2.5%) - 75mg
  • Nirgundi leaf extract ( 10:1) - 75mg
  • Bala Extract (20%) - 50mg
  • Rasna root extracts (10:1) - 50mg
Other Ingredients:

Vegetable Cellulose Capsules, No fiilers, No binders

Recommended use:

For Adults, one (1) capsule or two(2) capsules daily after meal.

Does Joint Care can make significant change in my life?
Rising obesity, sedentary lifestyle, lack of fitness and growing age are few causes that can take a toll on joints in current lifestyle. If proper Joint Care doesn’t begin at right time, it could result in Joint pain and/or impaired physical motion. This can be acute for short term or can result in lifelong disorders like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, low back pain, osteoporosis, etc. Therefore, if joint care begins at right time, you can save deterioration of most usable part of body, i.e. joints.
What are the common Joint issues one can suffer?
Todays urbanization and motorizations has greatly changedour lifestyle. Lack of physical activity, improper eating habits, high levels of environmental toxicity results in various health conditions that directly deteriorates joint health. A jointis structure where two or more bones come together, such as knee, hip, elbow, or shoulder. Any inflammation of joint or injury to joint can result in joint issues such as joint pain, joint stiffness, joint swelling, etc. Joint injury due to sports in athletes is also very common.
What are the general options available to fix Joint Issues?
Pain relivers, joint surgeries, or joint replacement or joint rehabilitation are mostly opted. All these comes with inherent issues. Pain killers can adversely effect kidney & liver on long term usage. Joint surgeries & replacement are very expansive and involves long recovery period. Therefore, taking care of joint early by means of weight control, avoiding occupational or sports injury, good physical activity and good nutrition should be opted primarily. On Secondary basis, opting for natural herbs that are known for improving joint health and that helps in reducing risk of such joint conditions is safe and best way. BestSource Nutrition’s FIT BODY JOINT CARE veg capsules is a natural joint support formula available.
What is FIT BODY JOINT CARE veg capsules?
FIT BODY™ Joint Care is a perfect way to assist Joint Care if mobility, flexibility and joint health is impaired. It’s a carefully researched formula having seven safe, natural and proven herbal ingredients that supports Joint Care. All ingredients of FIT BODY™ Joint Care are standardized and hygienically extracted to guarantee high quality.
  • Shallaki Extract (Boswelliaserrata) inhibits synthesis of pro-inflammatory enzyme which helps in lowering joint inflammation.
  • Methika Extract (Trigonellafoenum) act as a precursor of estrogen, progesterone etc. that help to lower arthritis complication.
  • Haldi Extract (Curcuma longa) has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which give anti-arthritic effects and brings relief in rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Adrak Extract (Zingiberofficinale) provides analgesic (painkiller) effect in joints.
  • Nirgundi Leaf Extract (Vitex negundo) lessens joint swelling by reducing acute and chronic inflammation.
  • Bala Extract (Sidacordifolia) lessens soreness of muscles that eases movement of joints.
  • Rasana Root Extract (Vanda roxburghii) blockspain detection by sensory neurons with minimum cytotoxicity.
How FIT BODY™ Joint Care Veg Capsules is useful?
FIT BODY™ Joint Care is an advanced formulation to support joint health as it:
  • Inhibits pro-inflammatory enzymes hence lowers joint inflammation
  • Restores Joint function
  • Provides Antioxidant protection
  • Eases joint stiffness and joint pain
Why one should opt for FIT BODY™ Joint Care Veg Capsules?
Each 500mg Veg Capsule of FIT BODY JOINT CARE comprises of seven herbal ingredients. These herbal ingredients are traditionally used in Ayurveda since years and have substantial clinical studies done on each one. In this formula, their synergy in joint support is even more stronger than any individual ingredient. Also, all seven ingredients (shallaki, methika, haldi, adrak, nirgundi, bala, rasana) are selected for FIT BODYJOINT CARE formula, only after thorough research and result analysis.
What is a suggested dosage of FIT BODY™Joint Care Veg Capsules?
For adults, take one (1) or two (2) veg capsule daily after meal.

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