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Top 5 food for Kidney Health (to lower creatinine)

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Dietitian Jennifer Dhuri
Dietitian Jennifer Dhuri
Registered Dietician

When creatinine levels are high, many people get curious to know that in addition to medication what natural home remedies or changes in diet can be done to lower creatinine levels. Watch this video by expert Dietician Jennifer Dhuri who shares top five foods to include for kidney health.

Our kidney does an excellent job of filtering water waste in our body but due to our dietary habits and lifestyle diseases, kidney issues have become very common. We overlook damage which we are causing to our internal organs due to wrong lifestyle till we get trouble. Kidney issues are diagnosed when we get blood parameter of serum creatinine levels high. In this video, Dietician Jennifer Dhuri speaks on TOP 5 FOODS FOR KIDNEY HEALTH. Dietician Jennifer Dhuri is a registered dietician with 20+ years of experience in clinical nutrition. She has received good results from Bestsource Nutrition’s Nettle Leaf tea for her kidney patients. Nettle leaf tea helps to reduce creatinine levels as it is a diuretic in nature and helps in enhancing the function of the kidney. Bestsource Nutrition’s Nettle tea comes from the finest Agro-climate of Kashmir. Watch this video to know more about the foods for kidney health.


3 thoughts on “Top 5 food for Kidney Health (to lower creatinine)


Kindly problem

February 15, 2024 at 22:07pm

Hello, Nettle leaf tea acts as a supporting herb for Kidney Health. It can definitely help in your father’s case. Also, Omega-3 can be beneficial as it has anti-inflammatory properties & reduces the progression of CKD (Chronic Kideny Diseases).

August 2, 2022 at 17:30pm
rohit kumar

my father’s creatnine level goes up to 11.3 can it be cure without dialysis bcoz he is denied for dialysis and also want to know that can omega 3 fis oil capsules also helps to reducing creatnine level

August 1, 2022 at 14:22pm

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