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Achieve peaceful sleep with soothing herbal Chamomile tea

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Natural Herbs- Chamomile & Ashwagandha

Among popular natural remedy herbs, chamomile tea is an acknowledged name for combating insomnia. It is extremely mild and has none of the nasty side effects of conventional sleeping tablets.This mild herb is globally popular as a favourite natural remedy with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Chamomile tea variants are popular as a nightcap ensuring good sleep sans the side effects of sleeping tablets or drugs.

  • Chamomile is an age old traditional herb:

    Chamomile tea comes from a unique mix of daisy-like plant variants. This herb is an age-old natural remedy known for its calming, soothing, and anti-inflammatory attributes.This natural remedy herb is popularly believed to combat many ailments ranging from inflammation and children's colic to insomnia and even cancer. The herb is believed to increase a sense of soothing calmness in the user. It works well for both men and women to relieve tension, stress,and unease as a natural remedy sans any side effects, as common for all conventional sleeping tablets.

  • Chamomile tea helps one relax and instils a feeling of calmness:

    Chamomile tea offers amazing benefits. It balances out the days stresses and helps settle your nerves, thus countering insomnia. The gentle herb has anti-depressant properties along with being a digestive aid. As young children cannot be administered sleeping tablets, a cup of chamomile tea can help soothe even a baby’s colicky tummy.

    Since ancient times,Chamomile tea has been a familiar herbal remedy for insomnia. The herb’s white-pealed flowers, with a resemblance to a field daisy, are dried and infused as Chamomile tea to prevent insomnia and induce a sense of restful calm without resorting to OTC or prescription sleeping tablets. This has led to a popular variant of this natural remedy herb being famously dubbed as a “sleep tea”. Among other popular variants, this natural remedy herb can be mixed with lavender and lemon balm for countering insomnia.

  • The science behind Chamomile tea’s efficacy in countering insomnia:

    Studies suggest that this natural remedy herb aids sleep due to its constituent apigenin that holds together benzodiazepine brain receptors in the brain. Studies in pre-clinical models have shown anticonvulsant and CNS depressant effects, respectively. Clinical trials also suggest that the apigenin contained in extracts of chamomile holds both the BDZ and GABA brain receptors, which provide users a mildly sedative effect with none of the side effects that conventional sleeping tablets have.

    People suffering from insomnia should certainly try out this incredible herb, especially if they do not want to become dependent on sleeping tablets. Known for easing stress, Chamomile tea is also reported to be effective for treating attention deficit disorder. As chamomile tea is very mild, it can be safely administered to children, professionals, pregnant women, and elders experiencing stress and distressed sleep. It is the world’s favourite caffeine-free, all-natural remedy offering multiple ancillary health benefits.

  • Chamomile tea is highly beneficial for women:

    Many women have claimed that this natural remedy herb helps regulate the menstrual cycle. This herb contains spiroether, an antispasmodic for diminishing muscle aches and releasing physical stress.

    As a curative agent, Chamomile herb is also used in several formulations to treat infections and to act as a relaxant.

    The World Health Organization has estimated that approximately 60 percent of the world's population depends on traditional medicine for their everyday health and lifestyle routine. The traditional forms of natural remedy and herb-based treatments include Chamomile among the world’s favourite herbs.

    Chamomile is available in various forms. For countering everyday stress and insomnia without resorting to sleeping tablets, a daily cup of chamomile tea can do wonders. The best time for this soothing herb drink should be half an hour before you sleep. Then, all that follows should be a gentle, restful sleep, with no counting of sheep

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