Eight Easy ways to Control your Diabetes

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Dt. Pooja Maheshwari
Dietitian Pooja Maheshwari
Research Dietician, CDE, N.D.D.Y.

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder with high blood sugar levels. To maintain blood glucose levels a well-planned diabetic diet using food for diabetics & diabetes care supplements can help you learn how to control diabetes.

India is becoming the diabetic capital of the world because diabetics do not take proper care of their blood sugar levels & become careless towards the intake of nutritional supplements for Diabetes care. Controlling your diabetes is a daily, monthly, and lifelong challenge. The basic rule on how to control diabetes or manage blood glucose levels is to maintain blood sugar levels to as near to normal as possible, chiefly using food for diabetics and exercise. Ninety percent of the diabetes solution is up to you, and diabetics can still lead a healthy life if they are attentive about diabetes care.

This may sound strong, but these eight easy and simple ways can help you understand how to control Diabetes:

When diagnosed with diabetes, firstly you should understand the condition. As a diabetic, you are part of your health care team that includes the Diabetologist, Diabetes Educator, dietician, and You. Understand the relation of medication, exercise, diet, and other diabetes care supplements as well. Ask your health care team about how to control diabetes and maintain blood sugar levels by balancing your A1C, cholesterol, and blood pressure. This planning will lower your chances of future diabetes complications.

  • Keep an eye on your weight: If you are obese or overweight, your doctor may suggest that you should lose weight. Dropping excess weight and then maintaining a healthy weight is not only important for patients with Diabetes but a healthy choice applicable to all. In overweight individuals, extra fat increases insulin resistance (when their bodies cannot properly use the hormone insulin). Hence, by losing weight, diabetics can become less insulin resistant and can use insulin better. For maintaining the ideal body weight, you can ask your dietician or diabetes educator to help you set short-term goals that are realistic to reach by incorporating the Diabetic Diet and recommending the right food & nutritional supplements for diabetics.
  • Mind the food you are eating: The selection of food for diabetics is very important to maintain normal blood sugar levels. Eating mini servings throughout the day and food selection for carbohydrates counting are two important rules of the Diabetic diet. Food for Diabetics includes lean meats over red meat, more servings of fruits & vegetables, choosing healthy fats such as omega 3 fats, and, most important, cutting down starches & sugary foods that can help you stay on track on how to control diabetes. Here, a dietitian can help you plan a balanced diabetic diet.
  • Natural herb booster: ‘Mother Nature’ offers many herbal treasures, among which, some herbs have blood glucose-lowering properties without any side effects. A review article by Rashmi S, published in the Journal of Herbal Medicine 2016, concluded that incorporating herbs such as Gudmar, Cinnamon, Salacia, Fenugreek, etc. in our daily routine can surely help in the prevention of pre-diabetics and diabetes management. In addition, these natural herbs are helping diabetics to stay healthy for a longer time without progressing to further diabetes complications. Thus, choosing a natural herbal supplement such as FIT BODY Diabetes Care by BestSource Nutrition can be a smart choice. FIT BODY Diabetes Care is a proven nutritional supplement for diabetes combined with eight natural ingredients and it is specially designed to support overall Diabetes Care.
  • Do not forget to be physically active:: Physical activity is very important for the management of blood sugar levels that act as a natural diabetes care supplement. Any physical exercise helps in blood sugar regulation. However, to achieve this, you do not need to run a marathon. About 30 minutes of physical activity, which includes walking, gym & yoga, five days a week is recommended for good diabetes management. Physical exercise helps in decreasing blood sugar levels so that muscles can use glucose without insulin. Therefore, working out regularly can improve the overall blood A1C levels.
  • Keep an eye on your blood glucose:Monitoring blood sugar levels helps you to assess your condition, just like using a flashlight. Check your blood glucose levels thrice a week for both fasting and post-meal to remain updated about your blood sugar management situation and requirements. Checking your blood sugar levels and maintaining them is called self-monitoring blood glucose level (SMBG).
  • Sleep well: Insufficient sleep or disturbed sleep can upset your hormonal balance. Disturbed sleep can lead to increased appetite, high blood sugar levels, and weight gain. One night of disturbed sleep can cause a decline in insulin sensitivity by nearly 25 percent. So, ensure that you follow a fixed sleep routine. For good sleep, you can opt for natural solutions such as chamomile herb tea and reduce your caffeine intake. If you still have trouble falling asleep, discuss the issue with your doctor to rule out sleep apnea, which is a sleep disorder.
  • A touch of herbal detox: Diabetics generally have blood sugar levels on a higher side since they do not eat a healthy diet, exercise consistently, or improper intake of diabetes care supplements. High blood sugar develops toxicity and alters the body’s normal metabolism and utilization of energy production. To overcome toxicity, using natural antioxidants is very important. A regular Tea Detox can help you manage diabetes. A research article by Sinija V R, published in Research Gate 2008, stated that antioxidants of Green tea, Oolong tea, Black Tea help in preventing the development of type 1 diabetes and can slow the progression once it has developed. EGCG has been found to increase insulin sensitivity and support the repair of damaged beta cells. Therefore, a combination of green tea, matcha tea, oolong tea, etc. can help a Diabetic to manage high blood sugar levels or glucose levels. Here, Best Source Nutrition’s FIT BODY Detox tea, which is a combination of all-natural green teas along with oolong tea and Rooibos tea, can assist your daily detox and can be incorporated as a food for diabetics.

Diabetics should be aware of the pros and cons of Diabetes. Using exercise, maintaining a proper diabetic diet, and consuming proper nutritional supplements for diabetes prescribed to them can manage it and help them live with the condition at ease.

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