Flaxseed Oil: Top 5 Uses of Vegetarian Omega

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Dt. Kamna Desai
Dietitian. Kamna Desai
- Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics & Hospital Food Service.
- Certified Diabetes Educator.

Not until long ago, fish and fish oils being the richest dietary sources for omega 3, vegetarians were concerned about their daily Omega 3 requirements. Among many vegetarian sources like walnuts, algae, flaxseed oil have become topmost omega 3 plant source for vegetarians.

‌Flaxseed oil derived from flaxseeds mainly provides ALA (type of omega 3) which in turn gets converted to EPA and DHA. This vegetarian omega source is rich in ALA which is infact the parent molecule. Hence the benefits derived from flaxseed oil may vary as compared to fish oil but ALA on its own has a host of benefits to look out for.

Flaxseed oil has a wide variety of uses ranging from cooking to skin care. Here the top 5 uses of this vegetarian omega 3:

  • 1. Heart Healthy: It is no secret that flaxseed oil is loaded with heart healthy omega and therefore good for your cardiac health. In elderly population, ALA may lower LDL cholesterol (apolipoprotein B) levels. Moreover, cardiac benefits such as improved heart rate, lower blood pressure, better vascular tone and reduced hardening of arteries are attributed to ALA. Many dietitians recommend the use of 1 tsp cold press Flaxseed oil or Flaxseed oil capsule early morning to get your daily dose of ALA to ensure that your cardiac health is taken care of optimally.
  • 2. Reduce inflammation: Flaxseed oil is known to reduce inflammation and autoimmune inflammatory disease of joints and bowel. ALA component of omega 3 has an important role to play in the inflammatory response. An increased intake of ALA produces less arachidonic acid from omega 6. Lesser arachidonic acid means lesser pro inflammatory metabolites in the system and better anti-inflammatory response. Hence most anti-inflammatory supplements available commercially are also known to incorporate ALA as one the ingredient amongst others.
  • 3. Good for skin care: A clean and clear youthful skin can make you look much younger. Numerous skin care products contain flaxseed oil instead would not it be better to directly massage some flaxseed oil daily onto your skin? Flaxseed oil reduces skin breakouts, inflammation, dryness, fine lines, wrinkles, rashes, acne, eczema, psoriasis, sunburn, etc. It helps to keep the skin toned, hydrated, soft and supple. The vegetarian rich source of omega, being rich in ALA, could salvage cellular damage and therefore prevent ageing. Flaxseed oil in combination with tocopherol (Vitamin E) is gold standard when it comes to skin care. These days flaxseeds oil with tocopherol capsules are widely available in the market. One can check out BestSource Nutrition’s Flaxseed Oil Capsules with tocopherol, coming from mature flaxseed oil by coldpress method.
  • 4. Promotes weight loss: The vegetarian rich source of omega, being ALA rich, is a storehouse of healthy fats. These healthy fat from flaxseed oil reduces cortisol and inflammation in overweight people helping them reduce extra weight. Nourish your health by drizzling flaxseed oil on top of your salads and soups. It not just adds a distinct nutty flavour to the food but even the right fats to your diet plan. You can either take flaxseed oil capsules to your daily diet to keep you in good shape since flaxseed oil gets rancid fast.
  • 5. Improves Gut Health: Flaxseed Oil can relieve both constipation and diarrhoea. It has been clinically proven to improve regular bowel movements in people suffering from irregular motions. Flaxseed oil is known to improve gut health because of the high anti-inflammatory response. It is worth noting that flaxseed oil contains more ALA than flaxseeds. Switching over to cold pressed flaxseed oil capsules can help you treat digestive disorders.

The above usage reinforces the vegetarian omega’s unique and valuable benefits. Along with ALA, flaxseed oil also has linoleic acid and oleic acid (Omega 3 6 9).

These days flaxseed oil is available as flaxseed oil capsules with varied potency. To choose good quality flaxseed oil capsules, it is important to note the percent content of ALA. BestSource Nutrition has an outstanding product ‘Flaxseed Oil with Tocopherol’ (almost 40% ALA content) which is extracted from freshly procured raw and wholesome premium quality flaxseeds using cold press method. Cold press extraction retains all the nutritive benefits of the flaxseeds. It is blended with tocopherol (vitamin E) that magnifies the product benefits particularly those relating to skin health. Last but not the least this is a completely vegetarian product as it is encapsulated in vegetarian capsules.

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