High Blood Sugar Levels: Things To Do

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Altered blood sugar levels- hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia – are important diabetes symptoms that can reduce the quality of life of a diabetic. This article tells you what diabetes is and how to control it.

What is diabetes?

The simplest basic response to what is diabetes mellitus is that it is a chronic condition in which our body is not able to utilize or produce the vital hormone, insulin. This ultimately results in impaired metabolism of carbohydrates and a disturbed level of glucose in our system, often leading to a high or low sugar level.

Diabetes Symptoms-

After understanding what diabetes is, the next important issue on how to control diabetes is to know the most common diabetes symptoms.

Although diabetes symptoms vary from person to person, in most cases, polyphagia (increased appetite) with fatigue, polydipsia (increased thirst), and polyuria (increased urination) especially at night are common diabetes symptoms. This classic trio of diabetes symptoms is generally caused by altered sugar levels. Apart from these, other diabetes symptoms may include weight loss for no obvious cause, itchy skin and similar skin conditions, blurred vision, numbness and tingling etc.

Ideal, blood sugar levels for diabetic person should be within a range of 72 to 126 mg/dL for fasting, and 150 mg/dL after meals. If blood sugar levels increase (hyperglycemia) or reduce (hypoglycemia) from this normal range, the condition can worsen.

How to control diabetes: or how to control complications related to diabetes- A healthy and happy life is possible even with diabetes. Most important is to maintain normal sugar levels & avoid both hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. After knowing diabetes and common diabetes symptoms, let us examine how to control diabetes and how to naturally control diabetes symptoms.

Diabetic Diet: A diabetic’s diet should include foods that are rich in natural nutrients while being low in fat & calories. Foods that are deep-fried, sweets etc. are to be avoided by persons trying to control the disease. Small frequent meals are advised to avoid hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia.

Exercise Routine: Proper exercise not only helps in maintaining a healthy weight but also allows proper uptake and utilization of glucose, thus balancing the sugar level and avoiding hypoglycemia. An appropriate level of physical activity helps in reducing stress and enhances stamina.

Herbal complement: Studies suggest that herbs are effective to control diabetes symptoms. Plant based treatments are known to be safe and these play a major role in how to control diabetes. The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended the evaluation of traditional plant treatments for diabetes as they are effective, non-toxic, and have no side effects.

As per a review article by S Kavimani & S Kayarohanam, 2015 on current trends of plants having anti diabetic activity, majority of research results show the herbal components as hypoglycemic effects &in fact almost the same effect as that of standard drugs.

FIT BODY Diabetes Care by BestSource Nutrition is one such combination of all naturally effective and safe herbs for control and prevention of diabetes.It helps to maintain steady blood sugar levels, thereby avoiding hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia. Few of the effective herbs in this supplement are:

Gudmar Extract (Gymnemasylvestre) - As per a study where gudmar extract was administered to diabetics, it was noticed that it reduced the patient’s insulin requirement & lowered fasting blood sugar and glycosylated hemoglobin(Shanmugasundaram et al, 1990) Saptarangi Bark Extract (Salacia reticulate) - According to a research by Sidney J, 2015, effects of Salacia reticulate (saptarangi bark) extract showed positive decrease in insulin levels, blood glucose, HbA1c and serum lipid levels in diabetics, without showing any adverse effect.

Giloy Extracts (T. cordifolia) –A research article by Ishan Dhulia et al. published in the Journal of Pharmacy Research 2011 states that extract of T. cordifolia (Giloy) show anti-hyperglycemic action by enhancing the pancreatic secretion (of insulin) from beta cell of the islets of langerhans.

Fenugreek Extract (Trifoliumfoenumgraecum):As per the Journal of Applied Sciences Research, 2007, fenugreek alkaloids help in maintaining blood glucose at a normal level, especially in diabetes, and thus help in triggering both the kidney and liver to retain their normal metabolic homeostasis. Thus, fenugreek is considered an effective adjuvant supplement in the control of diabetes mellitus.

BestSource Nutrition’s FIT BODY Diabetes Care can effectively regenerate β‑cell, increase insulin sensitivity, regulate blood glucose level, and improve lipid profile in the safest manner. It is combination of all natural & effective herbs that are well standardized and it serve as a practical solution in how to control diabetes, manage diabetes symptoms and improve overall health, when used in combination with a healthy diabetic diet and exercise. After understanding what diabetes is and how to control diabetes, following these three easy steps can assure patients relief from diabetes symptoms and help regulate a good quality of life.

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