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Nettle Leaf Tea for Kidney Health

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Nettle leaf is a natural herb that is extremely beneficial for kidney health as it has the ability to enhance diuresis, which means it helps in flushing out toxins such as urea and creatinine. It can be easily taken in the form of tea.

Nettle Leaf Tea is one of the most loved hot beverages, especially among Indians. Many natural varieties of Nettle tea that exist are extremely beneficial to us. Nettle leaf (Uritica dioica) tea is one such natural tea, which benefits the overall health of a person. The reason is the vast and biologically active natural compound ingredients that are present in nettle leaves. Carotenoids, lignans, phenols, flavonoids, vitamins (Particularly C) & minerals such as calcium & magnesium and serotonin, acetylcholine with histamine content, etc. They all contribute to the benefits of this amazing herb. Although it is multifunctional, the nettle leaf contributes significantly to the health of an important vital organ i.e., the kidney.

As we all know, the function of the kidney is to remove toxins from the body, mainly urea, and creatinine. Creatinine and urea are both non-protein nitrogenous waste products produced in muscles after the breakdown of creatine phosphate. Creatinine is produced daily in our body at a constant rate and is flushed out by kidneys through urine. High creatinine levels in the body indicate a malfunctioning of the kidney. Nettle leaf tea can correct these malfunctions and contribute to natural good health in the following ways:

Benefits of Nettle Leaf/ Nettle Tea:

  • Kidney: The effect of the Nettle leaf herb on the kidney is mainly for diuresis, which means it enhances urine output and stimulates consistent urination with flow rate. According to Asian Pac J Trop Biomed 2015, the Nettle leaf herb is found to be protective in nephrotoxicity by reducing blood urea nitrogen and serum creatinine, being an effective diuretic and phenolic compound. Thus, consuming nettle leaf tea helps maintain a healthy functional kidney and is effective in many disease conditions.
  • UTI: Since nettle leaf herb aids in urination, it helps to reduce infection of the urinary tract. It is used along with many fluids in “irrigation therapy” for correcting urinary tract infections (UTI). It promotes the flushing out of toxins.
  • Specific male conditions such as BPH: In benign prostatic hypertrophy, nettle leaf tea has been successfully accepted to treat symptoms such as reduced flow rate, painful urination, etc. As it can inhibit the prostatic conversion of testosterone to DHT i.e. Dihydrotestosterone, thus prostate size can be reduced in the condition of hypertrophy.
  • Anti-inflammatory: The anti-inflammatory abilities of the nettle herb, along with the antioxidant contents of this natural herb, make it perfect for healthy skin. Nettle leaf herb is also used in skin tonics. It benefits in diminishing skin scars and is known to be beneficial in skin breakouts, particularly acne. As it flushes out toxins from the body, nettle leaf aids skin health.
  • General health: Tea made with Nettle Leaf Herb is a perfect preventive beverage for flu, allergies, and other allergic conditions. In addition, its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties make it an effective health drink.
  • Immunity enhancer: The carotenoids, flavonoids, vitamins, and minerals, etc. are biologically active compounds contained in this herb, which make it effective in forming and maintaining a strong immune system. The antioxidant properties of this herb can neutralize harmful free radicals and flush out toxins from the body.

The process of harvesting is significant in the efficacy of the herb. This is why I choose BestSource Nutrition's Nettle Leaf herb because; it is cultivated in the natural surroundings of the Himalayas with the harvesting and manufacturing done specifically to maintain its purity and effectiveness. Nettle herb can be taken as a decoction or as a tea. To maintain good health and a healthy excretory system, Nettle Leaf Tea is a perfect beverage, which should be taken after consulting your health care provider.

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