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Amazing Red Clover Tea Benefits

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Amazing Red Clover Tea Benefits
Dietitian. Palak Agrawal
Dietitian. Palak Agrawal
M.Sc - Food Science and Nutrition.

Want to know the about the wonderful benefits of red clover tea? Let's begin to know about tea for women!

Red clover (Trifolium pratense) is a traditional herb which grows perennially. It belongs to the same family as beans and peas. These beautiful pinkish red flowers are dehydrated and stored to be made into elixirs later. Traditionally, it was used for medicinal purposes to help cure menopause symptoms, asthma, whooping cough, arthritis, osteoporosis, etc.

BestSource Nutrition offers red clover herb pouches which are nothing but dried flowers to be made into an amber coloured tea. These flowers are cultivated in the natural surroundings of Himalayas and guarantees best quality. Moreover, it is advised to be taken under a health professional supervision.

To make red clover tea, add 4-5 grams of dried flower tops (or red clover tea bags) to 1 cup (250 mL) of boiling water and steep for 5–10 minutes. Do not over-consume (not more than 3 cups a day)

Enlisting few of the many red clover tea benefits in details:

    1. Bone health:

Bone health is of utmost importance and women have a higher tendency to develop osteoporosis due to their hormonal imbalances. Osteoporosis is a state where the bones start becoming weak and develop low bone mineral density (BMD). When women proceed towards menopause, their estrogen hormone levels start to decline leading to a decreased BMD.

Red clover tea has isoflavones (phytoestrogen) - an active which can weakly replicate extrogen activity in the body. Some studies show a link between isoflavones and osteoporosis (inversely related).

A 2015 study shows that premenopausal taking 5 ounces (150 mL) of red clover extract containing 37 mg of isoflavones daily for 12 weeks were susceptible to less BMD loss in the lumbar spine and neck, compared with the placebo group.

Although, more research is needed for proper validation of the benefit.

    1. Menopause and it's symptoms:

This herbal tea is certainly beneficial for women. The isoflavones not only help in bone health but also menopausal symptoms like night sweats, hot flashes, etc. Hence, this considered best tea for women.

Few studies said that red clover may help to decrease symptoms like hot flashes in women, another study found out that there was a 73% decrease in hot flashes within 3 months after supplementation.

Other symptoms like anxiety, vaginal dryness were also taken care by red clover.

    1. Skin and hair health:

Traditionally, red clover tea has been used for alleviating hair and skin issues. After taking red clover extract for 90 days, there was a significant improvement in hair, skin texture and quality according to a study.

Red Clover Tea benefits are immense if we use it diligently.

    1. Heart health:

This herbal tea may be beneficial for heart health. Decrease in LDL (bad cholesterol), increase in HDL (good cholesterol) were seen in different studies done on postmenopausal women. The main plant active present - isoflavone is responsible for all major benefits of red clover tea.

    1. Other benefits:

There are many other benefits associated with red clover tea consumption. This herbal tea for women may help in conditions like whooping cough, arthritis, asthma, wound healing, inflammations, etc

Traditional remedies or herbal teas are always pure, natural and manage to cure well. Always have faith in these natural herbs for it may heal you gradually and with ease.

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