Are you getting enough Omega 3 in the diet?

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Being essential fatty acids, including omega 3 in the diet is necessary for health benefits. Its deficiency produces a few symptoms that can be easily overcome by proper supplementation through fish oil capsules.

We all know that when fats are digested, they break down into fatty acids. These fatty acids are further classified as essential and non-essential ones.

Non-essential fatty acids are termed as such because our body can synthesize them. Thus, their consumption is not mandatory. On the other hand, our body cannot synthesize essential fatty acids, and therefore, they must be included in the diet from external sources. The main essential fatty acids required in the human diet are omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Focusing on omega 3, which is also termed as good fats, the best source is fish oil, with other diet sources including certain plant and nut oils.

As omega 3 offer immense benefits to health, it is very important to regularly consume these fatty acids. However, in today’s lifestyle, we are not always able to follow and sustain a healthy diet, and we often miss omega 3 fats from the diet. As our body cannot produce these fatty acids, they must be consumed through diet or supplements. When we lack omega 3 fatty acids in diet, a visible deficiency occurs. In a deficiency of omega 3,the body shows a few signs and symptoms such as:

  • Skin- Dry skin and hair, brittle nails, dandruff, patches over skin
  • Poor attention and inability to concentrate
  • Mood swings, depressive feeling all the time, anxiety, irritability etc.
  • Poor sleep, lack of sleep
  • Low energy, fatigue all the time
  • Cognitive decline
  • Joint pain, inflammation in joints etc.

Thus, if you too have one or more of these symptoms, you must check whether are you getting enough omega 3 in your diet.

Traditional Indian diet is lacking in Omega 3, as fish is not available or part of the regular diet for many people. Therefore, to avail the benefits of fish oil, the best way is regular consumption of Omega 3 fish oil capsules, which is the richest dietary source of omega 3 and can rapidly reduce the deficiency symptoms. My recommendation is Omega 3 fish oil by BestSource Nutrition, which contains natural triglycerides that are easily synthesized by the liver. EPA & DHA are precursors of certain eicosanoids that reduce inflammation in the body and have other health benefits over the above-mentioned deficiency symptoms as well.

The regular consumption of omega 3 fatty acids through supplementation as a fish oil capsule can give various health benefits, such as-

  • There is evidence that fish oil supplementation i.e., DHA and EPA may lower triglycerides and reduce the risk of a heart attack. As per a research article by Harrison (published on Curr Med Res Opin. 2005), these fatty acids are significantly able to prevent post-myocardial infarction.
  • Fish oil supplementation increases good cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol.
  • Fish oil is especially effective against rheumatoid arthritis and benefits in all joint health-related issues.
  • Fish oil decreases the risk of coronary heart diseases (Fish oil helps in inhibiting platelet aggregation, it also lowers serum triglyceride levels)

The proper ingestion of omega 3 fatty acids is necessary. If we miss them in diet, health supplements can competently serve the purpose of providing all benefits. Although fish oil capsules are a well-known source of omega 3 fatty acids and their benefits are well known, it is appropriate that one chooses the best health supplement with extra caution. For selecting the best fish oil capsules, one must look for the extraction process as the fish oil supplements carry the risk of containing heavy metals, dioxins, and PCBs. It must also be checked which fish is taken as the source of the fish oil. Usually, deep-sea fish are considered best for extraction. BestSource Nutrition’s Omega 3 Fish Oil capsules are a perfect combination of omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, mainly Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) in a perfect balance.

BestSource Nutrition’s Omega 3 Fish Oil capsules should be considered over usual fish oil capsules for supplementation of the diet, as these are much more effective and safer for consumption.

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