Best natural fat burners for sports health

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Dt. Komal Mehta
Dietitian Komal Mehta
PGD in Dietetics

There are various reasons why athletes and active people turn towards losing fat including power to weight ratio, endurance, agility.

Clearly, physique of an athlete stirs most of the dry sites. For many sports aesthetics are part of judgment and selective processes. Of course, losing fat and weight can often improve the performance of an athlete in sport and improve strength, weight to power ratio.

Unsafe weight management practices can affect performance, negatively affect athlete’s health. A safe method of weight loss and weight maintenance in sports is essential. Though body weight contributes to weight, it does not contribute to energy in the muscular contractions needed for a sport. In certain sports like a long jump, generating power is essential. In swimming, better muscle mass to fat results in more speed. Similarly, sports like gymnastics, distance running, cycling weight and fat percentage definitely affects performance and aesthetics.

Fat burners are advertising to get the desired results after training really hard, improving performance, compensate adequate diet. A number of fat burners like Carnitine, whey protein, pre-or pro hormone, chromium, aspirin, meal replacers, BCAA, Nitric oxide and many more. Most of them are stimulants and are banned by sports authority as they have side effects like sleeplessness, agitation, nausea, affects normal kidney and liver functioning and can cause severe damage. This can pose serious issues. So, is there any natural and safe way by which athlete and sports person can build muscles and improve performance?

According to a review article by A. E. Jeukendrup published in Journal of Obesity Review 2011, says natural fat burners increases energy expenditure, suppresses appetite, increases fat metabolism, weight loss and prevents weight gain after the weight loss. Likewise Journal of Nutrition Science Vitaminol (Tokyo) 2016, Stated that using nutrition supplements for stimulating lipolysis (fat metabolism) is one such strategy to improve endurance performance.

That’s why I always suggest natural fat burners to my athletes and sports clients which will increase their field performance also maintain their body fat just like LOSE FAT™. LOSE FAT™ from Bestsource Nutrition is my first choice, as it is natural fat burner which is safe to use and is made with 5 clinically approved ingredients, extracts of Garcinia combogia, Green tea, Green coffee bean, grape seed and cinnamon. All these five ingredients work in synergy to benefit performance of an athlete by-

  • Reducing oxidative damage
  • Increasing energy expenditure & exercise endurance
  • Regulating glycogen stores
  • Drops fatigue
  • Reduction in body’s fat %
  • Increasing post workout recovery

There is more than one way to achieve the desired body composition, for example managing a good calorie count, rigid diets, resistance training etc. Thereby aiding dietary supplement can be proving as useful process. All- natural ingredients in LOSE FAT™ by Bestsource nutrition™ has amazing natural fat burners property.

Such a magical mix all of essential, natural herbs available in one supplement is a boon for an athlete who is looking for an aid to lose weight and fat in a most natural way.

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