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Ashwagandha and Height: Things to Know

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Dietitian Komal Mehta
PGD in Dietetics

Ashwagandha has many benefits to support human health. It has important healing properties, which is why it is called rasayana in ayurveda. Ashwagandha and good diet are the two-main routes to aid growth and provide a natural answer on how to increase height.

It is an accepted fact that human genes determine traits and features. No one can change the color of the eyes, but certain things can be boosted. How to increase height is a major concern for people, especially those in the growth stage.Height contributes to the overall personality, making how to increase height a question of paramount importance for young persons and parents alike.

Let us understand the dynamics of how to increaseheight:

  • Men’s height generally grows until 25years and women until 21 years of age. Thepituitary gland controls the human growth hormone, which stimulates cartilage production between the long bones of hands and legs. This cartilage turns into bone and increases height. One can continue to grow even after this process of ossification process completes. A study by J Clin Endocrinol Metab, 2004 demonstrates a positive GH (Growth Hormone) effect on 33 GH-treated patients, wherein patients achieved a mean height 3.7 cm greater than placebo-treated patients.
  • Therefore,the growth hormone factorplays an important role andis the answer to our question about how to increase height. A study by International Journal of Behavioral Social and Movement Sciences (IJOBSMS), 2013 concluded that an extracts of Ashwagandha root extract(that contains flavonoids and withanolides) produces gamma amino-butyric acid (GABA), which is a calming neurotransmitter in the brain. There is evidence that getting extra GABA into the brain increases the human growth hormone. Human Growth hormone (HGH) is responsible for growth and development in the body. Having a good chemical balance and cell rejuvenation boosts the HGH hormone. Thus, this hormone can substantially be increased with adding Ashwagandha root extract in the diet, aiding growth. This is among Ashwagandha’s key benefits on how to increase height.
  • Poor diet and lack of exercise can affect bone formation and muscle building, height and strength, even thoughgenes are a major factor affecting the overall height of a person. Ashwagandha’s benefits include increasing the expression of genes responsible for mineralization of bones, thus it helps to increase bone density. According to a review study published in the Journal of Biological Sciences, 2014 Ashwagandha root extract prevents oxidative stress, offering benefits of improved calcification of bone.Along with adding Ashwagandha to the diet,a personseeking effective ways on how to increase height needs to focus on proper diet and stretching exercises as well to avail all the benefits of how to increase height naturally.
  • To persons asking me how to increase height, I always recommend Ashwagandha root extract capsules by BestSource Nutrition, along with a nutritious diet,because the capsule form ensures maximum growth benefits due to correct dosing. Ashwagandha is widely available in a powder form as well, but benefits of the powder are low since there is greater chance for mixing or adulteration with fillers. That is why I recommend BestSource Nutrition’s Ashwagandha capsules that contain root extract, standardized to 1.5% withanolids,as the purifiedactive ingredient.
  • Along with the benefits of how to increase height,Ashwagandhais also very high in antioxidants.As it scavenges free radicals, it fights age-related neuro degenerative diseases. Ashwagandha has multiple benefitsin conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, inflammation of joints, and Parkinson’s disease.
  • Obesity and cardiovascular health:

    Another benefit of hadjod is its ability to maintain body weight. Obesity is generally linked to complications in lipid metabolism and oxidative stress. According to Lipids Health Dis. 2007, a study was done on the effect of Cissus Quadrangularis extract (CQR-300) on weight, blood lipids, and oxidative stress in overweight and obese people. CQE supplementation was found effective for weight loss and improved cardiovascular health.

Thus, Ashwagandha root extract is an easy, effective and a safe ayurvedic herbal product, which can be added to your daily diet to help improve health and quality of life, along with an effective solution to the issue of how to increase height.

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5 thoughts on “Ashwagandha and Height: Things to Know


Hii i am 23 year old is it possible to increase height with the help of ASHWAGANDHA

February 21, 2024 at 23:41pm

I’m now 22 year old. Is it possible to increase height with the help of ashwagandha powder

January 30, 2021 at 11:28am
Aahana sharma

My height is 153 cm… I want to increase my height upto 3-4".

October 29, 2020 at 15:16pm

Can my daughter (15yr-70kg & 160cm height) take Ashwagandha capsul to increase her height ? And how many capsul per day should take ?

May 22, 2020 at 10:14am

Hi I’m 16 years old who is still at puberty I guess coz my skin is still oily,so I wanted to ask is it possible that my growth plates are still open?

May 2, 2020 at 18:57pm

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