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Diet for Kidney Health by Renal Dietitian Sapna Kamdar.

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Special Diet is advised if kidney health is compromised. Diet will have straight impact on kidney function. Renal Dietician, an expert in diet for kidney health is one to be in contacted in such cases.

Kidney related incidences are very common and are in rise. It is estimated that around 10% of world’s population suffer from kidney related issues. Our kidney is bean shaped organ playing a very important role in filtering blood, regulating blood pressure, balancing fluid in body, and removing water waste out of body. If we do not take care of our kidney’s health, it can later lead to kidney health issue. Our kidney is very precious as they do important job of filtering water & purifying blood. But we do not take our kidney health seriously which can lead to serious kidney issues. It’s clear that kidney health needs to be seriously taken for proper functioning of whole body.

That is why, we have invited a special guest Dietitian Sapna Kamdar who is a Renal Dietitian to answers some question on healthy food for kidney and suitable diet for kidney health.

Dr Sapna is a Mumbai based renal dietitian with 14 years’ experience in her field. She believes that natural foods can help restoring kidney function. She recommends Nettle tea for her kidney patients and has seen a positive results in lowering creatinine levels. In this video interview, she has covered following topics:

  • Diet for Kidney Health.
  • Does Nettle tea help kidney function?
  • Healthy foods for kidney
  • How to lower creatinine levels?

Watch this 27minutes video on Diet for Kidney health and you will get answers to many doubts related to creatinine levels, nettle leaf, foods for kidney.

Reach out to us to ask your query and do share your feedback in comment section.


9 thoughts on “Diet for Kidney Health by Renal Dietitian Sapna Kamdar.

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Looking for a diet plan veg/nonveg for a person with solitary kidney.

April 14, 2024 at 23:40pm

My father is on dialysis . I want some diet plan

October 27, 2023 at 00:50am

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