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Does Chamomile Tea Help you Sleep Better?

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Sleep ensures benefits of good health and insomnia is the cause of many disorders.Thus, to ensure a good sleep routine, a sleep aid is important. Chamomile tea is a natural stress buster and a safe herb that helps you to sleep better.

Sleep is considered one of the best natural remedies for almost every possible ailment. Briefly, some benefits of good sleep are:

  • Sharpens attention
  • Better mental health and brain functioning
  • Curbs inflammation
  • Prevents depression
  • Improves performance
  • The best natural healer
  • Improves hair and skin

The list is endless. These benefits indicate that good sleep is necessary for good health. However, the current scenario of a stressful working lifestyle means that it is not always possible to get proper sleep. Insomnia is the condition of inadequate or poor-quality sleep. Insomnia not only affects mental health but also imparts poor physical and brain health. One cannot afford to overlook this important association of sleep and insomnia with health.

Let us examine what is the best sleep aid for treating insomnia.

As insomnia is a side effect of the modern lifestyle, so we have limitations in knowing stress and insomnia are unavoidable. However, thanks to mother nature, we have been gifted some effective natural sleep aids for insomnia that not only help us to sleep better but also enhance the overall quality of life.

Chamomile herb (Flos Chamomillae) is one of these natural remedies. Chamomile herbs and flowers have been used for ages for their various health benefits. The key constituents of the chamomile herb are its essential oil, α-bisabolol & related sesquiterpenes, chamazulene, flavone glycosides, and flavonols. The tannin level in chamomile is less than one percent. That is why I always recommend that my clients consume Chamomile Herb tea from BestSource Nutrition, which has maintained quality standards in manufacturing to ensure that the essential properties of Chamomile Herb are safe.

  • WHO monographs on medicinal plants (page 61), the constituents of Chamomile, especially α-bisabolol, possess antimicrobial properties since it has shown inhibition of the growth of many bacteria in the in-vitro studies, especially of staphylococcus & group B streptococcus.
  • According to a research article by Shao-Min Chang in the Journal of Advanced Learning, it has been concluded that Chamomile tea can lower the symptoms of depression and sleep disturbance. In a study compared with the control group, the experimental group demonstrated significantly lower scores of physical-symptoms-related sleep inefficiency (t = −2•482, P = 0•015) and the symptoms of depression (t = −2•372, P = 0•020).
  • Similarly, a review article published in Alternative Medicine Review, 2008, concluded the following effects of this powerful herb -
  • Chamomile extracts have shown inhibition of the production of prostaglandins, which are known as the natural inducers of inflammation. Thus, Chamomile is considered a strong anti-inflammatory in nature.
  • It exhibits antispasmodic properties as well. Apigenin, alpha-bisabolol, and cisspiroethers, etc. are contents of chamomile that have shown significant antispasmodic and spasmolytic effects. This feature makes chamomile tea useful in treating menstrual cramps.
  • Chamomile tea has been used extensively in various digestive ailments such as dyspepsia, epigastric bloating, dyspepsia, flatulence etc.
  • Chamomile tea has shown its effectiveness in the treatment of restlessness and in mild cases of insomnia due to nervous disorders. Thus, it can be used as an effective sleep aid.

The benefits of the chamomile herb can be availed in the form of tea i.e. chamomile tea. Herbal chamomile tea can be a miraculous sleep aid. Since it has lower tannin levels, chamomile tea is free from any side effects. So using this herb as a tea can give many benefits most naturally.

Concisely, all benefits of the miraculous chamomile tea can be availed just by consuming a cup of tea. As the effectiveness of any herb is highly dependent on its method of extraction and processing, I recommend it as best to use Chamomile Herb by BestSource Nutrition, which is grown in the finest natural surroundings of the Himalayas. Its quality makes BestSource Nutrition’s Chamomile Tea, which offers the highest quality and purity, the best natural sleep aid around.

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