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Expert View on Weight Loss by Ryan Fernando, Celebrity Nutritionist- Qua Nutrition

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Excerpt from the interview with celebrity nutritionist- Ryan Fernando on weight management. In this video clip, Mr. Fernando has shared with us his experience with unique formula of BestSource Nutrition -LOSE FAT™ in sports nutrition as well as common man’s weight loss regime

Q 1. What are the main causes of “Obesity” in India?
Ans. Obesity is a big problem in our country. Merely, because there are two segments of population:

1.One that doesn’t have nutrition
2.Another that has too much of nutrition

Let’s understand why we have too much of nutrition in our country. Simple factor is affluence has increased. Affluence means people’s ability to spend money has gone up. First fact of matter is, as a country, we celebrate everything via FOOD. Marriage is celebrated with food, happiness is celebrated with food, job promotion is celebrated with food. So, food represents an important part of our culture. Over the last few decades, there is more amount of disposable income, so people have more income. Therefore, they are spending on eating out and manufactures has come into the country that are bringing more amount of processed foods. Now, combine this and with the fact that society is had got more sedentary. My grandmother would walk 10kms to the nearest market, my mother would go to the nearby market and walk 1 km in the market but she goes by car and I will ask for ecommerce home delivery to my door step. So, the amount of physical activity that different generations are doing has dropped. More eating, lesser physical activity is a huge issue towards the obesity revolution. Finally, our foods have more amount of insecticides and pesticides, the digestive system of human body is causing is causing gut flora, microflora or probiotics, which we called as good bacteria to get killed off. So, thus, the marker that exist in our gut are changing drastically which are causing conditions of obesity. If we put all these reasons together, I think,

  • More Stress
  • Lesser Physical Activity
  • Too much of Happiness in Eating
  • Lot of Chemicals and Insecticides in the food chain are contributing factors to Obesity.

Q2. What are the issues you find in weight management?

Ans. When a film star and a celebrity comes in, they can morph their body from 100kg to 50 kg or have a six pack or be extremely obese. So, human body is designed to change its size and weight but genetically you are gifted with status quo. When we say, status quo, it means that’s the way we you are destined to be. Lot of time, in weight management, people are influenced by market perception that how good they should look. People feel that, oh you are too skinny or you are too fat. What people do not realise that you need to be more comfortable in the frame that you are. If there is metabolic disorder (when there is a genetic problem, when you feel your weight has gone beyond a dangerous zone, when your cholesterol levels are very high or you can’t fit into an aeroplane seat, then you need to be talking about, “Obesity” and serious weight problems. If you 5 or 10kgs overweight, I personally feel as a nutritional coach or sports nutritionist, believe that if the body can be morphed in movies, even the common man (people like me and you) can still can use:

  • Nutrition,
  • Diet,
  • Exercise,
  • Food supplements to change the body.

Q3. Is there any difference in common people’s nutrition and sports nutrition?

Ans. Sports Nutrition, obviously is the epitome of how a human individual performs. I always divide my clients to two types of muscles. One is GO muscle and another is SHOW muscle.

  • Recently concluded Olympic is the GO muscle, where the athletes develop the muscles to GO.
  • SHOW muscle is when you are sitting behind the camera and you should have a good physical body.

The common man requires both: GO Muscle and SHOW muscles. Lots of people want to have both GO muscle and SHOW muscle, So, technically when you are nutritionally guiding a person, you want to be seen thinking Can I use Diet, Can I use Exercise, Can I use Supplements to build both GO muscle and SHOW muscle? Infact, today most of the sports products or supplements that we get have been tried and tested in Olympic level athletes or high level athletes because you need the body to humanly perform. These products are slowly trickling their way into common man’s life. For example, you have an automatic braking system in your car. That has the braking system technology that was developed in formula one racing. Something as simple as “FAT BURNER”, has been used 20-30 yrs ago in sports athletes in wrestling, boxing and weight challenge sports because athletes had to compete in those specific sports, So, they had a short period, 3, 4, 5, 6 months to morph or change their body into that role.

Q4. What are the Supplements you recommend in weight management?

Ans. For me, supplement recommendation is a huge list. It can start something as simple as multivitamin and can go as complex as antioxidant supplement or a fat burner. The very simple philosophy is this, my opinion at my clinic is this: Supplements are the nutritional convenience for people’s nutritional indiscipline. Technically, in a correct domain of eating, you don’t need a supplement but we live in the 21st century. How many people live scientifically and correctly? So, supplements give you nutritional convenience which allows you to cheat at the wedding, allows you to go 2-3weeks without a workout or binge.

Coming back to the crux of matter is when people wants to change their body, you set a timeline, you put in diet, you put in exercise and you add a supplement to help you along the journey to get there. So lots of people takes lots of supplement and no diet, no exercise-doesn’t work. Lot of people do only dieting, they need an amount of exercise to burn, to get physically active. There are lots of people who do lots of exercise, they gym like crazy and they forget diet, so you need a combination of all three to work successfully.

Q5. What are the reasons that you choose BestSource Nutrition’s LOSE FAT™ for your clients?

Ans. About a year ago, we were researching good products in the market and we have always been at our nutritional clinic recommending fat burners from natural sources. Things from ginger extract, carnitine, garcinia, green tea extract, green coffee bean extract, amino acids, proteins, there are so many products out there who can do fat burning if used correctly in the diet. What we found out that we needed something that was a safe fat burner. With athletes, we have tremendous amount of discipline, if we tell, you take this, do diet, do exercise, they follow everything. In clients, there are clients coming in, both celebrities and common man, that nutritional discipline and exercise discipline is not there. So, there is a psychological dependence when you place a pill or a powder that is technically is a food supplement, is a natural product but they still think it is a medicine,

because it is in a capsule form so they pop it. Now when they pop it, they believe psychologically that this product should do it all. For us, we are always working on the side of caution that are we going to give a product, if our client abuse it will it give a side effect?

As a nutritionist, with my R&D team we are always asking this question, before we recommend any product like LOSE FAT™, is it safe enough for a person to take? What is it contain? Hey, it contains Green tea extract, it contains grapeseed, it contains garcinia cambogia, cinnamon extract (dalchini). For centuries, we have eaten in all our diets, my grandmother had all of this in her kitchen except grapeseed extract. So, the potential of these products packed into a capsule is nice so we started recommending LOSE FAT™.

I called it a safe fat burner, a lazy fat burner because it’s not going to have a sideeffect. In the best-case scenario, my client is not going to lose weight in terms of sideeffect but they will have beautiful skin and hair. I can live with that siddeeffect of great skin and hair vis a vis a bad skin or acne breakout or severe headaches which are lots of fat burners in the market do come with huge list of sideeffects labels on it.

Q6. What is the role of each ingredients of LOSE FAT™ by BestSource Nutrition in weight management?

Ans.LOSE FAT™ with garcinia cambogia, what we found out was sugar metabolism was better. There was a experiment done in lab on rats, which basically found out that the glucose absorption during exercise was even better. When people exercise, they tend to get fatigue. When you get fatigued, you give up your exercise, you burn lesser calorie. So, whole idea over here is that my client running and exercising, getting fatigued and demotivated at 200 calories, my idea is to push them during the workout. In addition to that, the hydroxycitric acid (HCA) in GARCINIA CAMBOGIAworks well in terms of suppressing appetite. Biggest problem in our clinic, we tell people not to eat, yes Ryan we are not eating, we are following your diet.They go home, 5 rasgullas go in easily followed by 10 gulab jammuns. You need to burn the appetite. Psychological eating doesn’t stop at the heart; it starts at the brain. HCA is something that comes in and goes to the brain and says appetite suppression, stop eating.

The GREEN TEA EXTRACT works in thermogenesis, i.e. raising metabolism. Hey, you know we have GREEN COFFEE BEAN EXTRACT raising oxidation of fat. Lots of technical stuff that happens with cholorogenic acid.I like it because you can use it and it helps you burn fat. With GRAPE SEED EXTRACT, why we like it because research has shown that you can go on and on like a Duracell battery. The reason is that it works like an antioxidant potential. Lots of time when there is a lot of free radical damage in the muscle, you can see that a body gets fatigued. If the body is getting fatigued during workout which burns fat, grapeseed extract will help you go a long way. Final one, that I like is CINNAMON EXTRACT. Cinnamon from the longest period we have been recommending to manage peoples sugar levels. People have too much of sugar imbalance, diabetes imbalance, even the youngsters, they even don’t know that they are prediabetic but because of fluctuating levels of sugars, it deposits its fat in the body.

So, what you should do before burning of fat shut of the pipeline of glucose entering the fat reserves. Step 1 is to take cinnamon extract which holds back more and more sugar level been converted to fat. That’s the basic step. That’s why when I look at the combination of this, one is it stops too much of sugar entering the body and being converted to fat. Second is the ingredients help in fat burning. So, put this together with the appetite suppression, I think it’s a nice product which is safe to give the client and gets them to baby steps to hey diet, hey exercise and LOSE FAT™- Natural Weight Loss Support.


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