Five easy tips for women to avoid weight gain after hysterectomy

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After hysterectomy, many women experience weight gain among the partial or complete uterus removal procedure’s side effects. However, with precautions such as a correct lifestyle, balance diet and use of safe supplements for women’s health, it is possible to counter the weight gain.

Although the uterus is an important part of a woman’s body, at times it is medically necessary to undergo a hysterectomy i.e. the surgical procedure to remove the uterus. Doctors may suggest a partial or complete uterus removal or hysterectomy for many reasons despite its numerous side effects. Hysterectomy is necessary to normalize women health by number of chronic pain conditions, uterus problems such as fibroids, endometriosis and certain types of cancer and infections. The removal of uterus along with ovaries leads to many physiological changes, with multiple side effects such as an early menopause if the ovaries are involved, causing side effects and symptoms of menopause that include hot flushes, mood swings, fragile bones, urine incontinence etc.

Weight gain is among the major side effects after hysterectomy. As the body’s production of estrogen andprogesterone stops, the lack of these hormones in the female body after hysterectomy increases the level of male hormones. Male pattern weight gain typically accumulates fat around the waist, which is why menopausal women are also prone to weight gain around the abdomen. The reason for weight gain after hysterectomy could be a comparative lower level of physical activity as compared to the calorie intake, a slow metabolism may hinder the process of weight loss, or a sedentary lifestyle may cause weight gain.

However, is weight gain inevitable after hysterectomy? The answer is a very clear NO. Precautions after hysterectomy can avoid the negative side effects. A healthy lifestyle with perfectly balanced food intake can help women maintain weight even after hysterectomy. A few precautions and tips to avoid the side effects after hysterectomy include:

  • Precautions must be taken to replace high-calorie foods with low-calorie options. Include foods that are high in fiber and water. For example, add fresh fruits, whole grains, leafy salads, and low fat milk to your diet while avoiding deep fried foods.
  • To avoid gaining additional weight after hysterectomy, modify and regulate your physical activity levels. Including safe exercising and weight loss options such as yoga, swimming, brisk walk are good precautions to prevent weight gain. It is also advisable to take some precautions against overstressing immediatelyafter hysterectomy while following these options.
  • Maintaining health is important to prevent adverse side effects of uterus removal. These precautions include drinking enough water and keeping the body well hydrated, leading a stress free life, and getting ample sleep.
  • Choosing safe women’s health supplements can combat side effects after hysterectomy. The right health supplements can promote health and help combat negative side effects after hysterectomy.
  • Following and sustaining a healthy lifestyle with a regular sleep and waking pattern, less stress, avoiding alcohol & smoking can always be beneficial to health.

Although theoretically it is easy to avoid weight gain or to lose weight after hysterectomy, practically it is indeed difficult. As it is sometimes not possible to follow and sustain a rigorous routine to maintain all precautions required after a uterus removal, we need a boost through women’s health supplements. Precautions to choose safe and natural options among health supplements are vital. Some of the most effective and safe supplements to maintain a healthy weight are:

  • Garcinia cambogia extract or Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA): Studies suggest that HCA is a safe natural supplement for weight management. HCA is a natural fat blocker and appetite suppressant. It also enhances exercise endurance. The effects of HCA were studied exclusively over visceral fat and it was found that HCA reduced abdominal fat accumulation, which often occurs after uterus removal. Thus, Garcinia cambogia is useful for preventing and reducing accumulation of visceral fat. (Read our blog on how Garcinia Cambogia helps in wight loss)
  • Green coffee extract (Coffee robusta)- Studies suggest that green coffee extract decreases glucose and fat absorption,especially in obese persons, thus inhibiting weight gain.
  • Green Tea Extract (Camellia sinensis): Green tea extractcontains catechins and caffeine.Studies suggest that caffeine is efficacious in increasing the body's thermogenic activity.It alsopromotes fat oxidation, thus promoting calorie burning. Catechins help raisethe resting metabolic rate. Thus, green tea extract has a dual role in weight loss.
  • Grape seed extract: It contains a mixture of tannins and oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes (OPCs). It hasfree radical scavenging and antioxidant properties, along with enhancing circulation, which helps maintain overall good health.
  • Cinnamon Extract (Cinnamomum cassia): This extract contains active polyphenols. Itpromotes healthy blood glucose metabolism, thus reducing sugar cravings.

Briefly, all the above natural supplements combine to help in weight loss, avoid weight gain and promote good health. BestSourceNutrition’s LOSE FAT™ is a combination supplement that contains all these key ingredients in the perfect right-dose combination. Thus, for women struggling with weight gain among the side effects after hysterectomy can safely use it to maintain good health. However, all supplements should be taken only after consulting your healthcare provider. LOSE FAT™ can safely help you avoid weight gain and combat the other side effects after hysterectomy.

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This article is very factual and helpful. There could be multiple reasons women gain weight after a hysterectomy like the hormone change mentioned in this article. There are also some exercises you could do to lose weight after the procedure especially if your primary weight gain is in your midsection. This procedure also has effects on menopause and when you will get it based on whether you had a complete hysterotomy or not. There is more information in this article on menopause and exercises for weight loss.

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