How do you detox with Dandelion root tea?

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Dt. Kamna Desai
Dietitian Kamna Desai
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Detoxification, a process involving cleansing of all the body organs for the system to perform optimally. Herb concoctions are used by many naturopaths to cleanse our body toxins. In this article, we talk about detox with dandelion root tea and its benefits.

The buzz around " Detox Diet " does not seem to fade out.

Infactpost festivities, this is one thing right on top of everyone's mind after they sinked their teeth in all those delicacies.

Most experts will tell you “Your body can naturally get rid of toxins through liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, GI & lymphatic system.” Detox diets are mostly not required if these organs function optimally.

So, is detox really a fad??

Yes, it is true that a healthy body can self-eliminate toxins out of their systems. That said, there is always a scope to boost your body's natural excretory process enabling a thorough detox.

Detox diets are said to not just remove toxins from your body but also improve health and promote weight loss.

These are essentially clean diets which are rich in antioxidants and involve use of herbs and spices that can be used as either infusions or decoctions. Let us understand the difference between the two herbal preparations,“infusions and decoctions”.

Both the methods extract the active constituents of the herb for consumption. The major difference is that infusion is usually made with flowers or leaves while a decoction is generally made with roots and barks of the herb plant.

Since infusion uses the tender parts of the herb, it is prepared by steeping the herb in hot or cold medium like water or oil for a short time. Whereas decoction uses the sturdier parts of the plant whose extract will take longer to steep. Therefore, decoction is prepared by putting the herbs in cold water for sometime, brought to a boil, simmered for a good 15-20 mins or more.

A third process also used these days is incoction (infusion + decoction)

While there are many herbs that help to detoxify, my personal favorite is the dandelion root. Dandelion root primarily detoxifies the liver which is itself the main detoxification organ. Like you would need a servicing or overhauling for the water purifier machine, similarly for the most potent cleansing organ a detox is necessary. Preliminary studies suggest that dandelion root promotes liver health due to surge in bile flow. Dandelion root may naturally reduce inflammation in the liver from cirrhosis and may be useful in the treatment of hepatitis. Apart from this, dandelion can be used in UTI, constipation, diabetes, skin and eye problems.

Herbalist and Naturopaths use dandelion root decoction to detoxify the liver. This cleansing tea is also known to calm, soothe and lighten. Try taking 1-3 cups throughout the day for a great detox.

The best way to make a decoction is use a teaspoon of dandelion root in a medium size pot. Add 300 ml water to the pot. Let it soak for sometime. Now heat the pot on medium flame on gas stove and bring the water to a boil. Lower the flame and boil down until the water reduces to half in volume (i.e. 150 ml). Strain it into a cup and serve hot.

If the decoction is too concentrated, add water to further dilute it. Other additives that go well with this brew are vanilla, lemon, cinnamon or even ginger. Dandelion root tea is slightly bitter in taste and you can add honey or stevia if needed.

Incase you do not prefer hot brew, you can strain the dandelion decoction in a quart-size mason jar. Add a dash of lemon and powdered cinnamon along with organic honey. Refrigerate it for 30 mins and your ‘Cinna-lemon iced dandelion tea’ is ready.

Dandelion root decoction being hepatoprotective, is best for those with sluggish liver function. It is also an appetite stimulator, regulates digestion and improves immunity. Drinking this cleansing tea may even help in weight loss as the potassium in dandelion acts as a diuretic and decreases the bloating or water retention. So, what are you waiting for ?Head over for that magical cup of Dandelion Root Tea to cleanse your system. You can buy premium quality Dandelion root online @

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2 thoughts on “How do you detox with Dandelion root tea?

Dietitian Juili

It is advised to take dandelion root tea for 1-2 months to detox the liver, effects of the tea could be felt in 7–10 days’ time. You can take this tea for months as a replacement for a normal cup of coffee.

April 10, 2023 at 16:55pm
Alexis Acosta

I would like information on detox time period for it to take effect on the body.

April 9, 2023 at 02:34am

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