Aging is a natural process, but it can be accelerated due to external/internal factors like genes, diet, stress, exercise etc. It is caused due to free radical generated beneath the skin and deteriorates its quality. Hence a powerful dose of antioxidant, like OPC present in Grape seed extract can fight against free radicals helping to improve skin health system and also strengthens from inside.

Ageing is the process of growing old. Ageing represents the variations in a human being over time, surrounding physical, psychological, and social variation. The body changes with aging because changes occur in individual cells.

Let’s know more about Ageing Process
Ageing is caused by a compound interplay amid genes and environment. Both external environment like diet, exercise, stress, infection, and internal environment of cell like oxidative stress and changes in DNA, all may turn in free radicals in the end, which directly affect our cells. Here, to fight against the cause of ageing you can take help from Grape seed extract, because it is a potent source of antioxidants that helps treat health problems related to free radical damage.

Grapes, especially purple grapes, are the most popular fruits, but generally people neglect to consume what is the possibly strongest feature of the fruit — the seeds. Grape seeds are rich in potent antioxidants and plant compounds called oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes. OPC fight against free radicals in the skin health system, nourishes and strengthens the skin cells, particularly the collagen and elastin structures which may help you to avoid premature aging . OPC also improves the moisture barrier of skin cells, which allows them to accept and retain necessary moisture so that they remain healthy.

But people get confused with grape and grape seed; they think they will get same benefit from drinking grape juice or eating grapes. Both options contain no grape seeds. Solution is supplementing with grape seed extract to receive its strong antioxidant benefits. Best quality of grapeseed extract should be standardized to 95%of OPC.

BestSource Nutrition’s GrapeSeed Extract is standardized to 95% OPCs as well as its extraction is done by unique water based process using enzyme technology. This process ensures no residue of alcohol, which is commonly found in alcohol-based extraction.As a result, consumer gets high quality natural dietary supplement.

Grape seed extract is a potent tool in the field of skin care. Go ahead and take benefits of this multifaceted ingredient: Grape Seed Extract

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