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Self-Ignorance in Females: Challenge in weight management

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(M.Sc. (FSN), CDE)

Women are pulled in multiple directions by career and demands of the family. Due to this, their health and nutritional needs fall low on the priority list, leading to many lifestyle disorders, mainly obesity. These necessitate weight loss due to peculiar diet challenges. Even the most stubborn belly fat can be cut through exercise and the right supplements.

Most women ignore their health and proper diet while struggling to juggle family, children, household chores, and career. These challenges lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. Eating after long intervals, over eating, lack of balanced diet, no or very little exercise and poor sleep habits combine to lead to weight gain and belly fat in many women. It is important for women to realize that weight gain is closely related to various health problems such as diabetes, heart problems, bone disorders, etc. Belly fat, called visceral fat, increases stress hormones and inflammatory substances that affects body’s production of insulin, increasing the risk of diabetes and other lifestyle disorders. While weight loss appears to be a challenge, and belly fat appears stubborn, it is definitely possible to meet these challenges for successful overall weight loss and melting of belly fat.

Challenges faced by homemakers vs. the ones faced by working women:

  • Most homemakers face daily challenges of doing household chores, feeding the family, or taking care of their children to the point where they neglect their health. Many homemakers do not even pay attention to their own likes, dislikes or health needs, because they feel they do not have time to prepare the right diet for themselves.
  • Likewise,working women face challenges caused by the time crunch. If at all they eat, the meal is often rushed due to their busy schedules. In conferences or office parties, they end up eating unhealthy calorie rich foods. Moreover, once home, they grapple with all the challenges created by their household responsibilities.

Women need to make a healthy diet their priority. It is one of the best ways to take care of yourself and your family.

Try these useful tips:

  • Add, do not subtract: Do not starve or skip meals in order to lose weight by severe diet restrictions. It decreases your metabolism and slows down the weight loss process. Rather, include a lot of vegetables, fruits and nuts of your choice in your diet. However, do not forget to keep an eye on the total calories you consume. Avoiding a heavy meal late at night can help cut belly fat.
  • Squeeze in physical activity: Even in the busiest schedule, include some easy exercise steps to remain active. Try doing some floor exercises at home once you wake or are just back from work. Taking the stairs whenever possible is a quick and easy exercise for weight loss. Get out of a public vehicle a stop early and walk towards the destination. Alternatively, indulge in any exercise activity of your choice such as cycling, dance, walking, etc. You will gradually see your belly fat melt once you start becoming more active.
  • Drink enough water: Women generally tend to forget this in their daily diet routine. Remember, water is 100% calorie free, helps you burn more calories and may even make you eat less if you drink a glass of water before meals. Best of all, it helps you to stay hydrated.
  • Eat smartly: This starts right from your choice of groceries to what you select from the menu in a restaurant or cafeteria. If you stock healthy foods in your home, you automatically tend to eat healthy. Also, choose the right method for cooking. When eating out, choose the best natural and low-fat diet option among the available options.
  • Help from Supplements: To help kick-start your healthy diet and exercise routine, you can include adietary supplement in your daily diet, along with diet and exercise.Targeted supplements will trigger your weight loss by naturally increasing metabolism. Supplements also aid weight loss by giving you emotional support through functional ingredients to motivate you for completing the weight loss process. Women, hard pressed for time, usually mistakenly believe it is cumbersome to find such functional foods and incorporate them in the diet and daily routine. However, BestSource Nutrition has come to their aid. The LOSE FAT™ (Weight Loss Support Pills) from BestSource Nutritionis a right mix of five natural ingredients that work in harmony to help women get a lean body while speeding up your safe weight loss process.

Women, in particular, need to keep an eye on their physical as well as mental health. They need to do a better job of putting themselves higher on the 'to do' list and need to refresh their own perception of how healthy and fit they wish to be. Although a strict routine of diet restrictions seems daunting, you can lose weight with a balanced diet, exercise and natural diet pills. In tandem,they offer a number of potential benefits. LOSE FAT™ is an ideal weight loss supplement blend among diet pills as it can encourage the weight loss process by its stimulating components that directly increase the metabolic rate, while giving you more energy and curbing sugar cravings and controlling the appetite.

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