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Should you take Multivitamin Tablets?

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Dietitian. Palak Agrawal
Dietitian. Palak Agrawal
M.Sc - Food Science and Nutrition.

We have heard this phrase "Let food be thy medicine." But what about the times when food is not enough? Should you take Multivitamin Tablets? Let’s read to find out.

Wondering which nutrients are important and how to ensure nutrition adequacy? Is there a need for multivitamin tablets at all? What are Multivitamin benefits?

We all have been a part of diet culture once in our life. All we need to maintain a healthy eating pattern and have balanced meals. To put it simply, balanced meals should comprise of carbohydrates (cereals like rice, millets, wheat, oats), protein (pulses, milk and milk products, soy and soy products, meat and meat products, eggs) fats (oil, nuts, seeds, ghee), vitamins and minerals (fruits and vegetables), herbs and spices. But we all know that it is easier said than done. Hence, Multivitamin tablets then come into the picture.

Before taking multivitamin tablets, lets first understand why we need them?

Due to the hustle-bustle in our everyday life, we fail to make time for ourselves and neglect own health and nutritional needs. Food adulteration practices also make the food that we eat daily less nourishing. Life goes on and gradually, we realise that we have fallen prey to various nutritional deficiencies that may take a toll on our health, immunity, and overall wellbeing.

Multivitamin benefits are many. It helps to bridge the gap and provides us with adequate nutrients, antioxidants to keep us healthy and help in boosting immunity. During pandemic, Immunity is the need of the hour and hence take advantage of multivitamin benefits. Multivitamin tablets are required to overcome nutritional deficiencies. In case of special health concern and even for regular usage, multivitamin tablets should be taken only after being advised by a healthcare professional/dietician. Over dosage may lead to nutrient toxicity.

Hence, it is suggested to take BestSource Nutrition’s Daily Multivitamin with herbs tablet. Composition of Daily multivitamin is as per RDA and meets FSSAI norms having 20 vitamins & minerals with antioxidant herbs like Ashwagandha, Grapeseed extract, Astaxanthin and few digestive herbs. This Multivitamin tablet is ideal for filling any nutrition gap that exists and provide active lifestyle support.

Vitamins and Minerals have a major role in our wellbeing. They perform hundreds of functions in our body. Few of them are stated below which can also be considered as multivitamin benefits:

  • Reduce oxidative stress and boost immunity (Antioxidants like Vitamin A, C, E, minerals like selenium, zinc, iron, copper)
  • Brain function (iodine, iron, B6, folate)
  • Energy metabolism (B vitamins)
  • Strong bones and teeth (Vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, fluoride)
  • Healthy blood and haemoglobin (Iron, folate, B12, B9)
  • Proper blood clotting (Vitamin K, calcium)
  • Maintain electrolyte balance in the body (Sodium, potassium, chloride)

We should keep in mind before taking supplement like multivitamin tablets that it will help in keeping us healthy, fit and boost immunity only when paired with following:

  • Clean and healthy eating pattern,
  • Adequate hydration (approximately 3 litres of water everyday)
  • Physical activity (minimum 30 mins for at least 5 times a week),
  • De-stressing with meditation and
  • Adequate plus good quality sleep (7-8 hours).

Hope you know the answer, take care of nutrition. Stay healthy, Stay strong and Stay safe.

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