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Nettle Leaf: Natural remedy to treat kidney problems

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Dr. Varsha Mishra

For people suffering from kidneys problems, Nettle leaf is a naturally occurring herbal solution that helps reduce creatinine levels and need for dialysis.

Nettle is a natural herb. The leaf, stem, and root of this herb have been used for centuries as herbal medication. The Nettle herb has small hair-like projections that have a stinging effect. Nettle leaf is among effective herbs used to treat allergies, kidney problems, skin problems and urinary tract infection.

Top conditions when nettle leaf tea offers relief

  • Resolves kidney problems: Nettle leaf tea is a powerful diuretic and depurative. It can prevent the need for dialysis by enhancing blood purification, removing creatinine and uric acid, dissolving gallstones, improving urination and controlling infection and inflammation of the kidneys.

  • Strengthens immune system: Nettle leaf tea contains lectins that help neutralize toxic agents. Studies performed by the Kansas State University back the proposition that nettle tea strengthens immune functions and improves skin and hair health.

  • Effective in preventing allergies: Nettle leaf tea has astringent, anti-inflammatory and expectorant qualities. Nettle leaf tea helps to treat asthma, rhinitis, sinusitis, and eczema. A study performed by the University of Maryland suggests that drinking nettle tea thrice a day prevents springtime pollinosis.

  • Relieves joint pain and treats arthritis: The nettle causes stinging pain when skin is exposed to it. Nettle tea contains hox alpha, which curbs the production of prostaglandins in the skin that cause inflammation and curbs the action of cytokines. In turn, this herb is able to reduce the level of inflammatory chemicals in the body. Hence, the nettle leaf intercepts pain signals and alters the way the body recognizes pain.

  • Treats anemia: This herb is rich in iron, which is necessary for aiding hemoglobin and red cell blood production.

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For more information and benefits of this tea, read on:

How does Nettle leaf tea help relieve kidney problems?

As a natural herb, nettle has significant effects in improving kidney function and related parameters in persons diagnosed with kidney problems and even those advised dialysis.

Treats Hyperplasia

Nettle leaf tea contains sterols and limits the activity of dihydrotestosterone. Studies prove that nettle leaf tea has the same effect as allopath medication, which slows down the growth of certain prostate cells. This prevents the enlargement of the prostate gland from hyperplasia. In studies conducted on people with kidney problems, nettle leaf tea and other herbs such as saw palmetto oil has been effective in reducing symptoms such as obstructed or incomplete urination, dripping after urination, or the constant urge to urinate that is possibly caused by an enlarged prostate gland.

Treats urinary tract infections and kidney stones

Nettle leaf tea is a diuretic. Ingesting this herb helps de-obstructs urinary flow and removes excess uric acid and bacteria from the body, thus preventing urinary tract infections. Nettle leaf tea acts as a renal detox by diluting kidney stones and washing out gravel from the urinary bladder. It forces the kidney to discharge higher levels of water, washing out creatinine, toxic waste, and metabolic wastes from the body. Hence, nettle leaf tea helps alleviate the excess load on kidneys to purify the blood, reducing even the need for dialysis. Nettle leaf tea is suggested as a natural alternative for gallbladder operations that are aimed at removing kidney stones. Since it helps remove excess fluid from the body, nettle tea also prevents edema.

Cures nephritis

In nephropathy, patients suffering from kidney problems and undergoing dialysis, nettle leaf tea prevents IgA deposit and controls inflammatory factors that damage the kidney and affect creatinine clearance. Nettle herb has rich iron content and promotes hemoglobin production. Hematuria occurs in patients suffering from kidney problems and nephritis. In this condition, blood cells also leak into urine despite dialysis. This can lead to renal anemia. Nettle tea helps boost the production of red blood cells and restores vital minerals and vitamins that may leak into urine due to kidney problems. The nettle leaf is a rich source of zinc. Patients with kidney problems, especially those undergoing dialysis, are often been reported to have a zinc deficiency, which manifests as hair loss and other symptoms.

Nettle leaf could reduce the need for dialysis

Kidney problems decrease the efficiency and ability of the kidneys to purify the blood, in extreme cases requiring dialysis. When creatinine, uric acid, nitrogen compounds and other waste content increase in the blood, a lifelong regimen of dialysis or until a suitable kidney replacement is available becomes inevitable. Nettle leaf could help reduce the frequency and need for dialysis since it naturally treats kidney problems and improves kidney function.

Nettle leaf helps reduce creatinine levels in the blood

Creatinine is a waste molecule generated by the body that is excreted through urine. However, in kidney problems, creatinine removal is impaired, causing blood creatinine levels to start rising. If the creatinine level in the blood is uncontrolled through medication, therapy or dialysis, in addition to the existing kidney problems, it could lead to impairment of other vital organs.

Scientific research backs the proposition that nettle tea acts as a kidney tonic. It helps reduce blood creatinine levels and improves uric acid clearance in people with kidney problems.

How to prepare Nettle leaf tea?

Nettle leaf tea can be steeped using a cup of boiling water, containing two to three teaspoons of pure dried Nettle leaf.


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