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What Is Phosphatidylserine & PS Benefits by Sports Nutritionist Ryan Fernando

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A healthy brain helps us to think clearly, remember information, learn new things, make decisions, and communicate effectively. For healthy brain and memory, Phosphatidylserine is necessary. Do you know about this Brain health nutrient?

Taking care of brain health is essential because the brain is the control center of our body, responsible for controlling all our bodily functions, thoughts, emotions, memory, and behaviors. We in our diet rarely add nutrition for the brain or cognitive support.

Do you know our brain contains many fatty acids & lipids one of them is Phospholipid known as Phosphatidylserine. 15% of our body’s phosphatidylserine is present in our brain which performs many important functions and is neuroprotective. Despite being useful, phosphatidylserine is missing from our diets.

In this video we want you to understand this nutrient & its wonderful neuroprotective benefits. Ryan Fernando Sports Nutritionist in this video has shared his views & knowledge on Phosphatidylserine - brain support supplement. Ryan Fernando is well known sports nutritionist training leading athletes of India. Know from him how this supplement can be useful as sports nutrition. Ryan Fernando has been recommending BestSource Nutrition’s Phosphatidylserine and has seen amazing benefits which he has shared in this video. This video cover following points-

  • What is Phosphatidylserine?
  • Phosphatidylserine in sports performance.
  • How it helps Brain health?
  • How PS helps in cognitive support?
  • BestSource Nutrition’s PS’s review.

BestSource Nutrition’s Phosphatidylserine is made from 100% vegetarian source making it a leading brain support supplement which can be taken by every individual. Share this informative video with your friends and family.


212 thoughts on “What Is Phosphatidylserine & PS Benefits by Sports Nutritionist Ryan Fernando


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