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40s Is The New 20s: Be Fit, Lose Fat and Live Fashion

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Top 5 Health Issues In Females
Dietitian Komal Mehta
PGD in Dietetics

How to lose weight on hitting that magic number FORTY! Life starts rising at 40, it’s really the new 20 if you exercise and focus on health and fitness! Women especially feel much better after weight loss and the modern fashion dictates that life truly begins now.

The forties are when healthy women look their best and most fashionable, after the gawky tweens and traumatic thirties. Researchers suggest that at 40 a woman’s fashion sense and confidence comes from her health and fitness, which enhances her appearance, weight and relationships. In the forties, women are more experienced with their choices and sense of fashion and style, knowing exactly what they want in life. It is no longer a dream or luxury to have a better lifestyle or fashionable clothing, you can actually afford those things instantly!

As women head towards 40, hip fashion styling is replaced by concerns on how to lose weight; grappling with post weight loss issues such as fine lines, wrinkles, getting tired easily; and questions such as how to lose weight sanely, either with exercise or with limited ability to exercise, for enhanced overall health and fitness.

  • Health and fitness need a constant check at any age. Health and fitness is compromised with lifestyle diseases that start if necessary dietary, exercise and healthy life habits are not followed. Frequent visits to doctors and physiologists can be prevented by maintaining optimal health and fitness. The milestone age creates various changes in the body, often necessitating weight loss because of a slower metabolic rate, pre-menopause, and osteoporosis. To combat these common issues in the forties, one needs to identify how to lose weight safely, as weight loss is related to optimal health and fitness and is challenging for your fashion sense and appearance. How to lose weight becomes a concern for people when inches begin to pile up due to reduced metabolic rate.
  • Rather than searching for how to lose weight using the internet or falling for some fad quick weight loss diet, opting for a holistic weight loss diet that controls fat percentage, a healthy eating plan with exercises such as strength training to build muscle mass, regulated weight loss while increasing stamina through enhanced health and fitness with moderate exercise is the sane approach. To aid weight loss, supplements such as BestSource Nutrition™ LOSE FAT™ help make the weight loss journey smoother using natural ingredients. The best answer to the question of how to lose weight is to use LOSE FAT™ for activating weight loss for improved health and fitness. This supplement has:
    • Garcinia Cambogia extract from the garcinia fruit to helps control appetite and food craving,
    • Green coffee bean extract to help boost metabolism,
    • Green Tea Extract & Grape Seed Extract which are both rich in antioxidants, as well as
    • Cinnamon Extract that supports healthy blood sugar levels and reduces sugar cravings.
  • To obtain good weight loss results with a reduction in fat deposition and ideal health and fitness with only moderate exercise and stamina and mood improvement, this natural supplement can power your search on how to lose weight safely, effectively and without it reappearing at this age.
  • For optimum health and fitness, a balanced diet with complex carbs, fiber from raw vegetables, fresh fruits, and low sugar is essential. Make proteins your best friend for weight loss. Proteins from eggs, chicken, sprouts, soy, nuts, legumes, whole pulses increase muscle mass and power the BMR, naturally improving your capacity to burn more calories. Adding more ragi, dates may help increase calcium levels, along with a dose of low-fat dairy products.
  • Exercise slims you down while ensuring health and fitness. Lifestyle changes with exercise can also reduce perimenopause problems. About 30-40 minutes of daily exercise has shown reduced associated symptoms of anxiety, depression and night sweating. Health and fitness top the list for better quality life, even more, important than fashion.

Forties today are a new lifestyle beginning. They are the ideal time to take vacations, learn something new, take up a hobby, afford and consume fashion, deal efficiently with problems of how to lose weight and gain health and fitness through only minor lifestyle changes. Forty is the time to work on things you always wanted. Be fashionable, fun, fabulous and 'fortilicious by adding these simple tips to your new age 40ies!!

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