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DASH Diet for Hypertension

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Dietitian Priyanka Bankerakia
M.Sc in Food & Nutrition

Today’s demanding life, high stress levels, consumption of high-fat junk food, etc has allowed hypertension to become a part of routine life. Hypertension or high blood pressure could be a silent killer if it is not managed properly. In this video Dietician Priyanka speaks about the DASH DIET. DASH diet is the “Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension”.

Dietician Priyanka has explained the dietary changes which a blood pressure patient needs for management of high blood pressure. Many clinical trials been done to prove Dash Diet efficiency in hypertension management. This video shows simple nutrition tips which can be easily incorporated in daily routine and suggest which herbal tea is best during high blood pressure. Dietician Priyanka believes in taking hibiscus flower tea to manage hypertension along with Dash Diet. She truly trusts Bestsource Nutrition’s Hibiscus tea for her clients. Hibiscus flower tea has shown anti-hypertensive properties. Hibiscus flower tea plays a significantly beneficial role in managing hypertension. Watch this video and share it with your loved ones.


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