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Family and Weight Loss regime- Can they go hand in hand?

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weight loss regime
Dt Komal Mehta
Dietitian Komal Mehta
PGD in Dietetics

Weight loss is an individual task. One can become isolated in a personal routine of exercise, diet and supplements, while the whole weight loss process appears stressful to routine family life. A positive change can help though!

We hear of people having trouble losing weight often these days, with women being more vocal. Women’s body has more fat while men have more muscle mass. Biologically, this makes weight loss challenging for women. Moreover, the complexities – emotional, physical, and social barriers women face – make weight loss more challenging. Childhood obesity is also a very big health risk families face. Let us take a quick look at some common challenges and how to tackle them for effective weight loss. Everyone understands that a nutritionally balanced diet, regular exercise, and inclusion of natural supplements aid weight loss. However, proper healthy nutrition and positive life style changes work best when they involve the entire family, with women playing a central role.

Q: The mind’s weight loss backstabber challenge Number 1 is ‘I don’t have time!’ This is the commonest plea or reason we hear everywhere.

A: Agreed, but you have to make time for fitness and weight loss. If you value your body and your family’s health, you need to prioritize health for the entire family.

Q: The next plea follows, ‘How do I manage with the extra cooking for healthy diet, when I constantly juggle family, home, kids’ school, and office work? I can’t cook twice for me and for them. I am too tired and exhausted to do any of this.’

Ans: Will power is an infinitely powerful resource, make good use of it. Let me show you how.

  • Involve your family in grocery shopping: When the family does the grocery shopping, you can involve family members into decisions to help plan family diets for achieving weight loss. Actively encourage healthy diet choices, offering reasons to children to encourage the family’s lifelong healthy food habits. Steer clear of junk food. When your kitchen, refrigerator and pantry cabinets are stocked with healthy fresh foodstuff, there is no temptation to cheat on the weight loss diet choice. A family that shops and eats healthy, develops a family habit which lasts much longer than any diet. Supplement regular cooking with healthy food.
  • Snack right: We juggle work, travel and cooking, which often encourages mindless snacking. The samosas, sev puris, mayo sandwiches, potato chips and other sugary or fatty snacks readily available in offices, school canteens, markets and just about everywhere. Make wiser choices by opting for fresh fruit, buttermilk, roasted grains such as channa or dry nuts to prevent extra unwanted calories for your own and your family’s snack time.
  • Use natural supplements: I personally believe supplements help weight loss routine, especially given modern time crunch. As the mind works over body, supplements help you train your mind to override the instinct for mindless munching. The combination of natural supplements I like the most is conveniently packaged in LOSE FAT™ from BestSource Nutrition. The five active extracts in these supplements help trigger effective weight loss through efficient mind and diet control. The supplements’ natural Garcinia Cambogia extract is known to help suppress appetite, while its Green coffee bean extract, Green tea extract and grape seed extract rev up natural metabolism and are great antioxidants, while its cinnamon extract curbs sugar cravings. Thus, these active ingredients of LOSE FAT™ natural supplements aid weight loss and help you and your family achieve overall good health.
  • Plan healthy meals ahead: Often, if you get late at work, there may be limited time to cook a full meal from scratch, making one fall in the trap of a quick fix pizza or frozen dinner. If you can plan that the next week may be hectic, a bit of bulk precooked and prepared diet such as soaked sprouts or par-boiled vegetables can reduce or even halve cooking time later. With a meal planned and part-ready, the diet cheats can be prevented as you are not mentally tired or ‘too exhausted to enter the kitchen’. Pre-planned and prepped meals greatly reduce wrong eating for the family.
  • Fit in quick exercise routines: Exercise helps weight loss and is vital for health.Cut down on your ‘no time’ plea by including some high-intensity exercises such as the Tabata, this is just a 4-to-8 minute workout. You can take a couple of minutes to hold a plank position or go for a stroll with your child or partner. Even a 20-30 minute brisk walk can help jump up your basal metabolic rate. Or take your family on a bike ride picnic. Exercise activities can be fun and help the family bond – encouraging healthier lifestyle inclusions of exercise as part of the family life. Supplements encourage the natural energy levels of the mind, which can kick-start your effort to combine good diet habits with exercise for best weight loss results. Remember, whatever habits you start, will be followed by younger family members through life!
  • Be compassionate to yourself: Women especially tend to be very self-critical. Noise such as concerns of societal value, kids, work can all be detrimental to any activity and weight loss progress. These cause needless stress, leading to fits and starts in a rigid diet and exercise regime. These can likely fail and further demotivate anyone attempting weight. Stick to short term goals and do not be too critical in case you need more time.

People accept changes that are small and gradual. Introducing healthy lifestyle habits to family can be difficult initially but a family that follows healthy eating, helps weight loss for parents and sets good habits for kids as a joint effort.

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