How to get rid of toxins to boost weight loss

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Dt. Komal Mehta
Dietitian Komal Mehta
PGD in Dietetics

Conversations on detox diet, colon cleanse and weight loss drinks is currently trending. Well, removing toxins accelerates fat burning to boost natural weight loss.

Our environment exposes us to immense amounts of pollutants, toxins and adulterated foods. These deposit as toxins in our bodies, over time leading to various diseases and weight gain. The changing lifestyle, eating pattern, along with a busy, demanding life can result in unrelenting weight gain. However, if your body is accumulating excess fat, there is usually a reason for it. You need to identify the reason for your weight gain. Usually, the body needs to get rid of its accumulated toxins for effective fat burning. The solution to enhance your body’s ability to naturally detox for reaching target weight is by using a colon cleanse.

The liver is the vital organ that metabolizes fat and determines the body’s natural fat burning process. For fat to be metabolized well, it is important that the liver not be overladen with toxins. High level of toxins is responsible for belly fat, weight gain and hormonal imbalance. Preparing weight loss drinks for colon cleanse can be a tedious task. With our fast-paced life, we need a simple, quick solution to include the necessary nutrients of weight loss drinks to fight toxins, help a natural colon cleanse and support fat burning. A well-balanced diet providing all the necessary nutrients and avoiding processed food (which build up toxins in the body) is the key for natural weight loss and fat burning. Exercise also helps in reducing stress, flushing out toxins, and a natural colon cleanse to help you reach the ideal weight.

Amongst home weight loss drinks, BestSource Nutrition offers a unique, natural blend of tea- FIT BODY™ Detox tea, which promotes fat burning and a natural colon cleanse. In demanding times, this tea bag with loads of antioxidant helps you to reach your fitness goals and benefits your health. After water, tea is the most common beverage we drink. If this tea provides health- promoting effects, it is beneficial for overall health. Scientific data supports that natural herbal tea is beneficial among natural weight loss drinks for detoxifying the body and conducting a colon cleanse, which ultimately supports overall well-being. FIT BODY™ Detox tea by BestSource Nutrition is an exotic natural blend combining teas such as Rooibos, Oolong, Green tea and Matcha with Liquorice, Garcinia cambogia, Ginger, Cinnamon and Fennel. It is a unique blend of exotic teas and Indian spices, a potent combination ensuring that it is among the most effective weight loss drinks. These ingredients are known for multiple potential health benefits.

Red tea or Rooibos, with its very high polyphenolic content, scavenges free radicals, implying that it removes unwanted damaging toxins from the system, resulting in an increased metabolic rate. Matcha is a high-grade tea that helps you to naturally burn more calories, even as it relaxes the body and enhances the mood. Oolong tea works best for weight loss and fat burning. This nutritionally rich tea is loaded with detoxifying alkaloids to remove toxins and adds a lot of value to health. Liquorice reduces hormonal imbalances such as PCOD (Susan et al; BMC complementary & alternative medicine; 2014). PCOD is a leading cause of obesity, weight gain, and excess fat deposition in women. Green tea contains a powerful compound, catechin, which is incredible for weight loss and fat burning. Journal of Chinese Medicine states various beneficial effect of Green tea published in 2010; 5: 13.The highlight of the FIT BODY™ Detox tea is that it contains a soluble form of Garcinia cambogia, a natural herb that reduces hunger and accelerates the weight loss process. The Indian spice mix of bio active compounds includes Cinnamon extract for reducing insulin resistance and managing food uptake. Ginger and fennel aid digestion and improve gut health, which boosts natural metabolism and speeds up the fat burning and calorie burning processes. FIT BODY™ Detox tea is rated among extraordinary weight loss drinks, and is celebrated as a very unique blend with the great quality of not causing any gastric discomfort, a common problem associated with many other weight loss drinks that may even combine laxatives with green teas.

Among natural weight loss drinks, FIT BODY™ Detox tea is highly palatable and tastes great! It is a zero-sugar, guilt-free indulgence that has loads of benefits attached, and can be enjoyed for a safe and natural cleanse to remove toxins with multiple added health benefits.

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