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Top 5 health concern in Men in 40’s

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Dietitian Komal Mehta
PGD in Dietetics

Men’s health is an issue that becomes important due to numerous changes in the body as men approach their 40’s. To deal with many of men’s problems, a regular health checkup, along with targeted supplements such as saw palmetto and ashwagandha, are very effective.

Turning 40 is a milestone for men’s health. It is also the time men’s problems can suddenly make you realize that midlife is approaching. Beyond the media parodies of men’s health and men’s problems of the mid-life crisis, aging is a natural phenomenon that needs efficient responses as it occurs. Generic statements such as eating nutritious food, exercise more, sleep well is insufficient. Many studies have shown that aging affects men’s health more strongly than women’s health. Apart from the issues diagnosed through medical checkups such as the increased risk of lifestyle diseases or heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, other factors may often go unnoticed. Let us examine a few common men’s problems and their effective remedies such as ashwagandha and saw palmetto oil and pills.

  • Central obesity: This tops the list of men’s problem areas. Mid-life is a time of a lot of responsibility and work, which may force men’s health to take a back seat as they start ignoring good food habits. Excess calories are generally deposited as fats, getting stored in the belly that has the maximum fat cells. It is a known fact that central obesity is the number one cause of debilitating diseases right from hypertension, diabetes, and stroke. A regular health checkup can be a savior. Men’s health faces the hurdle of a busy life, work pressure, job stress, etc. which makes it difficult for them to follow a regime. I recommend using natural supplements to support weight management vital to men’s health. The product I always recommend is Garnina Cambogia that comprises of those helps in reducing cravings and increases metabolism.
  • Benign prostate hyperplasia: Hyperplasia or enlarged prostate is a major concern in men’s health. Prostate cancer is a leading cause of death. Pain while urinating, blood in urine or semen, insufficient urine flow are major symptoms in hyperplasia. A health checkup with a screening on urine analysis, urine culture, and prostate-specific antigen can save life.
  • Stress: The 40ies often come with major responsibilities toward growing children, finances, career, and aging parents. Stress management is critical but vital. Men’s problems related to stress can vary from being fatigued, difficulty in concentrating, changes in appetite, or sleeplessness, which may all go unnoticed without a regular health checkup. If not addressed, this can also lead to depression in many cases. Having a relaxed evening, taking out time for a hobby, enjoying a family dinner, and exercising can help as an anti-depressant. Ashwagandha has been used since centuries to boost energy and relive stress. Ashwagandha root extract capsule by BestSource Nutrition’s provides 1.5% with anolids, which is a hormone precursor responsible for helping relieve distress.
  • Lack of stamina and erectile dysfunction: Irregular lifestyle, stress, unhealthy eating habits, age, lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyle can all contribute to sexual dysfunction and reduced physical fitness. Erectile dysfunction can also be a side effect of certain medications or smoking. However, this men’s problem can be controlled with effective lifestyle changes and medication. A natural age-old remedy is having Ashwagandha that can help built stamina and vigor. MOTENT® a unique combination of herbs like gokhru, ashwagandha, safed musli, shilajit and Kaunch beej extract has shown good results for increasing stamina in men.
  • Hair loss: Men are more prone to losing hair as they have high testosterone levels, which may result in losing hair faster and hindering the regrowth of hair. The topical application of Saw palmetto oil can also reduce androgenic alopecia.

Men want to live young! A healthy and fit body can be achieved with regular checkups and by addressing men’s problems and taking simple actions such as including ashwagandha supplements. Living young in the 40ies can then surely be fun!

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