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How to Detox the Liver from Alcohol Abuse

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Alcohol abuse affects the liver badly and deeply. Along with medical intervention, milk thistle can provide great relief by aiding a liver cleanse through a small diet change. For these and more effective steps on how to detox liver, read on.

The liver is an extremely important organ of the human body. The various vital functions performed by the liver make it necessary for a healthy body. It not only detoxifies different metabolites but also plays an important role in protein synthesis, digestion processes, regulation of glycogen storage, production of hormones, and metabolism. Further, it acts as a gland producing bile, which is mandatory for lipid emulsification. Thus, a healthy liver is a key to a healthy body.

Alcohol is not good for overall health, but it affects the liver very strongly. Alcohol, which is not completely digested and metabolized by the body, can cause severe damage to the liver. Some common diseases caused by alcohol abuse include liver cirrhosis, fatty liver, cancer, hepatitis, among many more.

So the question is - how to save the liver from the toxic effects of alcohol?

In response, the methods suggested are a liver cleanse or detoxification.

Let us quickly examine how to detox liver or do the liver cleanse.

There is no single magic key on how to detox the liver, but a combination of a healthy diet, medication (as prescribed by a doctor), alcohol abstinence, and lifestyle changes can help the liver immensely.

Diet has a vital role in liver cleanse and overall liver health. Including a wide variety of vegetables and fruits in the diet can benefit the liver and associated diseases. However, often, we tend to ignore these diet benefit products or are simply too busy to follow a rigorous diet plan. Often, it is difficult to ensure diet changes due to our hectic and busy life schedules. In such cases, how to detox the liver appears an impossibility.

However, how to detox the liver is simple for herbalists. A natural plant that has been the answer to how to detox the liver and do a liver cleanse is “milk thistle”. The milk thistle has been extensively used traditionally for liver cleanse. Milk thistle (silymarin) is a flowering herb related to the daisy family. The active ingredient of milk thistle is silymarin, which is a group of flavonoids such as silibinin, silibinin, and silicristin.

The effect of milk thistle and its powerful ingredients has been studied widely & lab studies suggest that:

  • According to Alternative Medicine Review Monographs 2002, Milk thistle silymarin has a role in regenerating hepatocytes by stimulating the activity of RNA and RNA polymerase I by stabilizing the cellular membrane and increasing the rate of protein synthesis.
  • Milk Thistle-silymarin can stimulate the regeneration of hepatocytes (liver cells) that are damaged by alcohol abuse and other toxins. A review article by Peter F, published in Antioxidant 2015, concluded that a standardized Silymarin-Milk Thistle supplement decreases oxidative stress and protects the liver by preventing the elevation of serum ALT activity, decreasing hepatic GSH and enhanced lipid peroxidation, and increasing hepatic TNF production. Thus, the action of milk thistle is demonstrated via the improved activity of liver enzymes. Thus, milk thistle can act as a detoxification agent.
  • Milk thistle also has the potential to inhibit the growth of cancer cell membrane – As per a review article published in Molecules 2017, by Fedirico, Silymarin-Milk Thistle is a powerful antioxidant that effectively interferes with the fibrogenic process and lowers inflammation.

How to detox liver naturally:

Various studies agree that milk thistle may act as a hepato-protective agent with various mechanisms such as antioxidant activity, enhanced protein synthesis, blocking of toxins at the level of the membrane where they can enter, and anti-inflammatory activity.

Briefly, alcohol abuse can affect the liver badly. Liver detoxification is the key to avoid the after-effect of alcohol over consumption. I advise the use of Silymarin Milk Thistle from BestSource Nutrition, which is standardized to 80% silymarin that promotes liver health and provides relief in liver-related diseases. Thus, for a natural answer on how to detox the liver, using BestSource Nutrition’s Silymarin Milk Thistle dietary supplement can help your liver cleanse of overall health benefits and a stronger liver

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