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5 Best Ways to Reduce Exercise Related Joint Pain

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Cissus quadrangularis is a natural herb with potential to reduce swelling and pain in joints such as debilitating knee pain, as well as the ability to prevent it. To treat exercise related joint pain, this herb is proven to provide relief.

Joint pain is a common health issue people face when they start any sort of exercise, be it running, brisk walking, jogging or even weight training. Exercise-related joint pain affects the lower limbs most, with knee pain being the most common exercise-related joint pain. Joint pain is not the case for beginners alone, as regular athletes, runners or other active persons who exercise regularly are also likely to suffer from joint pain, and especially knee pain.

The five best ways to reduce or get relief from exercise-related joint pain are:

  • Stretching: Before any exercise, stretching prepares the body for the upcoming physical session. It allows an increased flow of oxygen in our system. Thus, it is crucial to stretch before any workout. Ideally, hold the stretched position of each group of muscles for about 30 seconds for maximum benefit.
  • Choosing the correct exercise & posture: Not every workout is appropriate for every person. So instead of starting something randomly, evaluate your body’s current health status and select the appropriate workout regime. Following the right exercise routine with correct posture is important, as a bad posture can often cause needless stress and result in joint pain or knee pain.
  • Include both high as well as low impact workout exercises: Do not put a strain on any one part of the body alone. So, instead of following only one set particular workout for longer durations, include more than one type of exercise to improve stamina and avoid joint pain.
  • Rest: During exercise and between training sessions, ensure that the body gets sufficient time and physical rest to repair the exertion and damage. If this is not done, the body can respond with increased joint pain and can even result in permanent damage. Allow proper exercise set break-ups and deep breathing in the workout sessions. It will provide support and relief to your joints and help develop resistance and strength.
  • Diet and supplementation: Diet plays an important and crucial role in maintaining good health. People who exercise need a good quality protein-rich diet, including fruits and fresh vegetables, while also focusing on hydration levels. Apart from all precautions and measures to prevent joint pain after exercise, some effective herbs are available to avoid or fix joint pain.Cissus quadrangularis (Asthisamhari) is one such natural knee pain relief-providing herb. Cissus quadrangularis contains carotenoids, triterpenoids, and ascorbic acid. Because of these vital ingredients of cissus quadrangularis, it is often termed as the “Bonesetter”. This traditional Ayurvedic herb has been used to provide relief from all bone and joint pain related issues, especially knee pain.

As per some studies conducted on people who exercise and train for sports, cissus quadrangularis is stated to have an anti-inflammatory effect.It can reduce swelling & pain significantly and has been reported to give relief specifically from exertion or exercise-related joint and knee pain. Similarly, in a study conducted on 92 obese persons, cissus quadrangularis extracts were found to increase the plasma serotonin level significantly. Not only this, it was also shown to affect anorexic and anti-lipase activity in the same study. It reduces lipid peroxidation. This means cissus quadrangularis has positive effects of controlling obesity as well. One study performed targeting the precise effects of cissus quadrangularis on bone matrix found that cissus quadrangularis works at the level of gene transcription and can turn on osteoblasts, specifically boosting the production of osteocalcin.Cissus quadrangularis extract causes increased secretion of insulin-like growth factors in osteoblasts. Osteocalcin is involved in bone mineralization and calcium ion homeostasis.

A clinical study on patients with fractures has shown that cissus quadrangularis is also related to more rapid formation of collagen fibers,which leads to earlier calcification & callus formation. It clearly means that cissus quadrangularis can provide significant relief in fractures and improve tensile strength. This quality is especially useful for active persons who tend to have knee pain or other joint pain after intense exercise.

Thus,for people planning to start an exercise regimen, or already following one, including cissus quadrangularis in your diet and health plan is important. As the positive effects of any herb and supplement depend on the right source, I recommend Cissus Quadrangularis extract capsules by BestSource Nutrition, which are extracted and prepared in the purest form. This makes the supplement effective in improving bone and joint health and in preventing and providing relief from joint pain and knee pain.

Disclaimer: All content provided on this section is for informational purposes only. Any views or opinions or claims represented in this content are personal, belong solely to the writer and do not represent those of people, institutions or organizations that the writer may or may not be associated with in professional or personal capacity, unless explicitly stated. makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this article.

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1 thought on “5 Best Ways to Reduce Exercise Related Joint Pain

David marsh

Great Post! It’s essential to prioritize overall joint health through proper nutrition, hydration, and adequate rest. Incorporating joint-friendly supplements such as glucosamine and omega-3 fatty acids may also provide additional support for joint health. Consulting with a healthcare professional or physical therapist can offer personalized recommendations for managing exercise-related joint pain effectively.

February 12, 2024 at 18:43pm

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