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How To Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight Post Lockdown? Tips By Dr. Bhavana Diyora to Get Fit Fast.

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 Dietitian Bhawna Diyora
Dietitian Bhavna Diyora
Ayurveda Doctor
15+ Years of Experience

Post lockdown, the rate of obesity has increased and till date everyone is trying to lose weight fast and keep thinking about weight loss diets. There are ways to lose weight post lockdown suggested in this video by nutrition expert.

Losing excess body weight and those stomach bulges have always been a concern for both women and men. How to lose weight post lockdown? How to lose weight fast? I am sure if you have clicked on this video, you are also looking for these answers.

Weight loss is not just for your physical appearance but also for improving flexibility, stamina, and endurance. In this video we have invited Dr. Bhavana Diyora, an Ayurvedic doctor with 15+ years in the field to share her weight loss tips. She has a passion for nutrition and sports nutrition. Dr Bhavna Diyora has seen also tried weight loss pills with her clients and has shared her experience with Lose Fat, an ayurvedic fat burner for weight loss by Bestsource Nutrition. She treats her clients with a holistic approach of nutrition, exercise, and supplements. In this video she has discussed- “How to lose weight post lockdown” in detail and has shed light on the following topics-

  • Lose weight post lockdown
  • Weight loss diet tips
  • How to lose weight fast
  • Ways to improve metabolism naturally
  • Workout Strategy

Her video is easy to follow and will give you motivation to lose weight post lockdown. Her passion for right diet and nutrition will give you motivation to lose weight fast. If you find this video informative, then share it with your loved ones. Also, you can leave your queries down below to get answered by an expert. To know more about LOSE FAT visit- LOSE FAT


65 thoughts on “How To Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight Post Lockdown? Tips By Dr. Bhavana Diyora to Get Fit Fast.


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