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Simple Diet tips for Kidney Health

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Dt. Vimi Uppal
Dietitian Vimi Uppal
Msc (Foods & Nutrition)

Kidney Diet has key role in managing Kidney Health.This video contains “Simple Diet Tips for Kidney Health” by Dietician Vimi Uppal, a clinical dietician with 20+ years of experience in clinical nutrition.

Kidney health issues cannot be ignored as the kidney plays vital function of filtering water waste out of the body. Dietician Vimi Uppal has simplified Kidney health diet tips for those who are struggling with kidney health issues. Dietician Vimi believes along with a healthy diet; Nettle leaf herb helps in reducing nephrotoxicity. Nettle tea has shown good results in improving kidney health. Nettle leaf is mostly taken as a tea decoction for improving kidney health since ancient times. Modern research on nettle tea has shown its role in supporting kidney health issues. Dietician Vimi Uppal shares how low odium diet, intake of vegetables and fruits, adequate water intake, low consumption of packed foods, low meat consumption along intake of Nettle tea has shown improvement in her client’s health.

This video is a must watch for those having high creatinine levels and trying hard to manage their kidney health.


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