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Top 5 Fish Oil Omega 3 Benefits In Hindi by Dt Lakshita Jain, Why Should I Take Fish Oil Supplements

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 Dietitian Lakshita Jain
Dietitian Lakshita Jain
Masters in Foods and Nutrition
Bachelors in Home Science
Diploma in Meat Technology
3 Years

Find top 5 fish oil omega 3 benefits and uses from Dietitian Lakshita Jain, nutrition expert. She has simplified omega 3 fish oil capsules uses in hindi.

Omega 3 fish oil or fish oil supplements are popular nowadays as many have understood that it is lacking in indian diet. Still, there are many questions that needs to be answered so that there is no confusion on why one should take omega 3 fish oil capsules.

Dietitian Lakshita Jain from Delhi has in this video on topic “Top 5 Fish oil omega 3 benefits has shared valuable information on following subject:
  • Why should I take fish oil supplements?
  • Best quality omega 3 fish oil supplements in India
  • BestSource fish oil supplement benefits

Watch this video to know details on omega 3 fish oil benefits and it will also guide you how much and when to take omega 3 fish oil capsules as daily supplement. All this information you will receive from the expert in dietetics. People with heart conditions must watch.

Feel free to comment below of any query regarding heart health and omega 3 fish oil.


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