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Top Fatty Liver Diet Tips

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Dt. Vimi Uppal
Dietitian Vimi Uppal
Msc (Foods & Nutrition)

This video presents Top 5 fatty liver diet tips in Hindi by Dietitian Vimi Uppal. Know what foods to eat to help fatty liver, does milk thistle really work for fatty liver, etc.

Our liver plays a very important role in the process of digestion. It is one of the biggest organs of our body Unhealthy eating, sedentary lifestyle, alcohol abuse, obesity are the leading causes of fatty liver conditions. Fatty liver is very common even without alcohol. Eating wrong, sugary, and oily foods can lead to this condition. With dietary changes and healthy pattern, this condition can be reversed. In this video, Dietitian Vimi speaks on diet tips for fatty liver.

Dietitian Vimi Uappal is a Delhi-based dietitian with 26yrs experience in the field of clinical nutrition. Watch this full video and share it with your loved ones.


2 thoughts on “Top Fatty Liver Diet Tips

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October 28, 2022 at 02:10am
Shikhi Porwal

This blog is awesome!!

January 6, 2022 at 15:45pm

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