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A regular cleanse and detox can improve liver function, benefiting overall health. Detox drinks are brewed fromcommon herbs such as dandelion rootand nettle leaf, which are easily available online.

Erratic food habits,sedentary online lifestyles, growing environmental pollutants and toxin-heavy personal care products put serious strain on the liver. An overworked liver cannot process accumulating toxins, reducing its efficiency. This makes a regular liver cleanse and detox important.

Detox drinks support healthy liver functioning by clearing toxins from the colon and liver.They cleanse heavy metals and fats, strengthening the system and preventing inflammation and disease.

The following common herbs,available locally and on line,can be brewed into detox drinks for a natural cleanse and at-home liver detoxification.

Dandelion root:

  • Dandelion root offers multiple benefits. Dandelion root detox drinks contain vitamins, minerals, terpenoids, caffeic acid, and numerous other compounds.
  • There is high concentration of inulin in Dandelion root. Microorganisms in the digestive tract use this prebiotic to regulate insulin and sugar spikes.
  • Dandelion root detox drinks, being diuretic, control bloating by increasing urine output.
  • Dandelion root stimulatesliver functions, helping the body to metabolize, synthesize and store more nutrients. This makes dandelion root teathe ideal detox drink.
Nettle leaf:
  • Nettle leaf detox drinks help overcome complaints related to rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and urinary tract infections.
  • Packed with a variety of polyphenolic compounds and pigments, nettle leaf detox drinks reduce liver inflammation.
  • A regular cleanse with nettle leaf detox drinks can help lower blood pressure and improve the heart’s antioxidant defenses.
  • Studies available online suggest that nettle leaf detox drinks may help in treating enlarged prostrate symptoms, hay fever and in controlling blood sugar.
  • Chamomile contains flavonoids, coumarins and essential oils that have an antiseptic, carminative, sedative and protector effect against mucosal ulcers.
  • Chamomile flower-based detox drinks contain sesquiterpene lactone, which helps the liver prime its detoxification pathways.
Milk thistle:
  • Silymarin is a flavonolignan extracted from milk thistle seeds.The standardized extract capsules protect the liver, being antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anticancer.
  • Silymarin reduces free radical production, stimulating glutathione synthesis. This benefits the liver and skin by reducing the impact of toxins and heavy metals.
  • Milk thistle Silymarin capsules available online from Best Source Nutrition cleanse and protect the liver.
  • Oolong tea is among the most effective detox drinks for treating obesity and non-alcoholic fatty liver caused by a high-fat diet.
  • These drinks increase metabolism, improving fat mobilization, and preventing fat cell proliferation. This helps to maintain weight loss.
  • The caffeine and epigallocatechin gallate(EGCG)present in Oolong tea accelerate the liver’s fat oxidation.
  • These detox drinks enhance immunity, being significantly richer in antioxidants than regular green tea.
  • The BestSource Nutrition Fit Body Detox Tea combines Oolong tea with other detox herbs for an effective liver cleanse.


  • Peppermint leaf detox drinks are rich in menthol and menthone. These detox drinks cleanse the liver and support digestion.
  • Leading online research journals claim peppermint components help in modulation of the inflammatory process in hepatic granulomas, relieving liver inflammation and aiding fibrosis control.


  • Rhubarb detox drinks are rich in antioxidants. They may inhibit growth of liver cancer cells.

A study, available online, has identified herbs having a protective effect against Pyrrolizidine alkaloid-induced hepatotoxicity.(https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31736373/)

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