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10 Tips to Grandmothers to stay active and healthy

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Diet, Exercise & Supplements: Trio for good health
Dietitian Komal Mehta
PGD in Dietetics

It is not what age you are, but how you age that is more significant to wellbeing. Grandmothers today are healthy and active thanks to modern awareness about weight loss and fitness.

All grandmothers facea tough transition caused by declining age, loss of loved ones, anxiety, physical health issues and a host of other concerns. These changes are natural, yet we seek a formula or a positive ingredient to lead a healthy active life at the age of children becoming parents themselves. Lifestyle modifications, exercise and embracing the change can ensure that grandmothers’ golden years are truly golden.

These are ten tips for a healthyand active life for the modern grandmothers:

  • Eat balanced diet: Focus on eating healthy for reasonable weight management. As the BMR declines with advancing age, weight loss becomes a challenge. A right approach to fitness may benefit weight loss as well as prevent chronic lifestyle diseases. Colorful fruits and vegetables add fiber and antioxidants improve immunity. For a digestive system compromised due to aging, fiber may aid digestion for better gut health, prevent heart disease, cancer, obesity and diabetes. In case of restricted mobility and lower BMR, grandmothers should use LOSE FAT™ dietary supplement from BestSource Nutrition. It has five key natural ingredients so it does not put the digestive stressand help in maintaining weight.
  • Do not ignore the “Good fat”: Omega 3 fatty acids are healthy fatsis found in nuts, flaxseed oil, fish, olive oil and fish oil. These brain foods fight Alzheimer’s disease, inflammation and boost cognitive function that may fade with age. Omega 3 supplements improve mental health.
  • Get moving: Grandmothers should start a slow fitness regimen but they must exercise. Walking is the safest choice of a physicalworkout, and grandmothers can work on varying their walking speed to make it more rigorous to promote weight loss and cardiac output. Being active can help you live independently for longer. Endurance, flexibility, balance are areas to work on. Any activities such as stretching, yoga, walking and swimming can help increase balance and physical fitness as aidin weight loss.
  • Drink plenty of water: Lack of water can cause dizziness, dehydration, fatigue, constipation, and urinary tract infection. As ageing progresses, grandmothers may not realize when they feel thirst because various changes in the body may cause certain senses to be compromised.
  • Get enough sleep: Insomnia or disturbed night sleep or difficulty in falling asleep can have various reasons for grandmothers, right from frequent urination at night, stress, or daytime sleep or naps. Disturbed or lack of sleep can lead to lethargic, inefficient days ahead. Maintaining sleep hygiene can help.Grandmothers should prefer a dark, quiet bedroom, with no TV or electronics before bedtime. Listening to soothing music and having a cup of chamomile tea are some bedtime hygiene options to improve the sleep habits and support weight loss.
  • Dental hygiene: Poor dental care can lead to gum disease or tooth decay,which is also correlated to heart disease, diabetes and arthritis, and even weight loss issues. Dental issues may also hinder healthy eating pattern or facial aesthetics of the smile. It can hamper overall health if dental hygiene concerns are not addressed immediately.
  • Challenge your brain: Memory lapse is one of the classic symptoms of aging grandmothers. She may even forget who called on the phone. Wake up the brain by solving Sudoku, crosswords, playing family board games or taking another route to the park, all of which activities can stimulate the brain. Along with these, omega 3 fish oil supplement also boosts brain health. So, break your routine grandmothers and think differently. Brain fitness also helps you in being active and independent.
  • Take charge: Risk of illness increases with age. Take charge of your health and fitness. Do not ignore that lingering knee pain, it could be a Vitamin D deficiency. Simple medication can cure many health concerns if addressed in time, rather than stretching it to something major. To strengthen joints, grandmothers can use natural dietary supplements such as cissus quadrangularis extract supplement to become more active and healthy. Regular health checkup can prevent major health issues. Be vigilant about how to stay healthy.
  • Stay socially active: Staying connected isn't always easy, especially when you grow older. Having an array of people to reach out to and actively connect with other than your immediate family can save grandmothers from loneliness, illness, and depression. Volunteer for community work, have a walking or weight loss fitness partner friend, plan a lunch date with old friends to remain alert, active and healthy.
  • Take up that hobby: Active grandmothers are blessed with rare skills such as sewing, painting, pickle making, gardening, or just singing rhymes no longer heard in schools. Grandmothers should develop their hobbies to keep themselves active and busy.Make an effort to expand your horizon with any hobby you may have.
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