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10 Tips to make healthy food choices

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Dt Aruna M
Dietitian Aruna M
M.Sc. Clinical Nutrition, NET Cleared

Structuring a healthier plate is easier when you know how to choose food wisely. With a steady rise in lifestyle-oriented diseases, it is important to incorporate these health tips in a balanced diet to ensure you gain weight loss and derive maximum benefits through healthy food choices.

You can always follow a healthy diet when you are clear about what your body needs. A nutritionist can help you assess your age, weight, height, body mass index, levels of physical activity, and gender. This assessment gives you an idea of how many calories you require and can further help you choose the amounts and types of food appropriately. A well-planned diet can accelerate your weight loss program. Let us take a sneak peek into the nutritionists’ top health tips to make smart food choices.

  • Select foods that are less processed. It is better to choose fresh foods for enhanced health. It makes shopping easier and cheaper as choosing fresh apples is both much simpler and less expensive than the processed apple sauce or brands of apple-flavored products.
  • Add more vegetables and fruits to enhance fiber consumption and to aid weight loss. This is one of the most important health tips to boost nutrient intake. A diet that includes more plant-based food can enhance the availability of micronutrients. Choose deeply colored fruits and vegetables from your local market.
  • Carbohydrates are an important diet constituent that fuel your brain. Choose whole grains and cereals such as brown rice, whole wheat bread for more fiber, micronutrients and satiety. Make sure to concentrate on your portion size of cereals. To achieve weight loss, avoid refined carbohydrates and sugar-based confectionaries.
  • Choose high biological value proteins that form the building blocks of the body. Egg provides all essential amino acids. Choose fish and lean meat for good-quality proteins. If you are a vegetarian, include soybeans, sprouted legumes and pulses for enhanced protein intake. Sprouted foods enhance micronutrient consumption as well.
  • Grab a pack of low-fat milk or yogurt. This is one of the essential health tips to help you obtain adequate calcium while cutting down fat. Choose fortified milk products that are low in fat such as fat-free cheese and yoghurt to strengthen bones.
  • It is important to choose a healthy fat, though in moderation. Cooking oils rich in monounsaturated fats are a good option. Avoid food that contains trans-fat or hydrogenated shortening. Limit your intake of saturated fat for good health and weight loss.
  • Water has several important functions in the body. It helps maintains healthy weight, regulates body temperature and eliminates toxins. The most important health tips about water focus on the importance of consuming adequate amounts of plain water. Never opt for carbonated beverages or sugary drinks, which can add hidden calories. Always prefer plain or natural-ingredient flavored unsweetened water with fewer calories such as herbal tea.
  • Nuts provide wholesome amounts of protein and essential fats. Choose a handful of assorted nuts for snacking. Among healthy tips while choosing nuts, it is advisable to avoid processed, fat- or sugar-coated, fried or salted nuts.
  • Snacks are an important part of a weight loss diet. Consume healthy snacks to enhance health. Choose less processed or home-made snacks such as chopped raw salads, roasted pulses, fruit salad, groundnut balls, and so on. Restrict fat and sugar-rich bakery products and fast food in your diet.
  • Always read the nutritional label before buying any packed or processed product. Check the ingredients for the sugar and sodium content, amount of trans-fat, and percentage of fiber. These health tips can quickly help you cut down on products that can sabotage your weight loss efforts.

If you use nutritional supplements as part of your weight loss program, then the important health tips are to avoid chemically-produced or processed supplements. Garcinia Cambogia extract from BestSource Nutrition is purely natural. It has been scientifically proven to act as a fat burner and to control appetite by reducing excessive food cravings and raising energy levels. With these top health tips, do have a happier and healthier time shopping!!

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