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How to keep your Kidney Healthy?

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 Doctor Rita Gandhi
Doctor Rita Gandhi
Doctor of Naturopathy Medicine (NMD)

Keeping Kidney healthy is necessary for everyone as we keep eating foods that are processed and adulterated. Any damage to kidney impacts on filtration rate of the kidney causing lot of health trouble. In this video, Dr. Rita Gandhi has shared very crisp & simple ways on how to keep your kidney healthy.

Nowadays, fitness and health are prime concern that enhances beauty and reflects how we take care of our vital organs. Kidney is one such organ that can get damaged due to poor eating habits and lifestyle choices. For healthy kidney function, be cautious of dietary choices. In this video, Dr. Rita Gandhi explains how to keep your kidney healthy and give advice on foods for kidney health.

Dr. Rita Gandhi is a naturopath with a good 20+ys of practice in her field. She believes in the power of nutrition and natural herbs. Her favourite herbal tea for kidney health is Nettle Tea. Nettle leaf tea is a diuretic and has the property to reduce nephrotoxicity. Apart from kidney health, Nettle leaf tea has been used traditionally for ailments such as skin allergy, hair loss, digestive issues, etc. Watch the video to know more.


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