Top 10 benefits of taking Daily MultiVitamin tablets

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Dt. Kamna Desai
Dietitian. Kamna Desai
- Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics & Hospital Food Service.
- Certified Diabetes Educator.

In today’s time, the word ‘Multivitamins’ requires no introduction. They are potent therapeutic combination of different vitamins and minerals, nothing less than a miraculous potion that can drive away your energy blues. But they aren’t just that! Read the article to know more …

‌Multivitamins as the word suggest is a combination of various vitamins (and at times even minerals). They are primarily needed by the body to perform various metabolic and cellular activities. Also, the body cannot synthesize them on its own in case of an incomplete diet or a bad lifestyle. In such cases of nutritional deficiencies there are certain tell-tale signs of inadequacy like hair fall, dull skin, brittle nails, low energy etc. It is best to rectify this lacuna by using a multivitamin tablet daily for a few months. Consumption of a good multivitamin regularly can help make up for nutritional gaps to boost your health naturally.
Multivitamins tablets are an instant way to fulfil your everyday demands of nutrition and to get daily servings of all necessary vitamins and minerals. Well, in a world full of doubts, taking Multivitamins is undoubtedly full of health benefits.

  • Increases Energy Levels - When your body’s nutritional requirements are not met, you may end up feeling weak and lethargic. A regular dose of multivitamin tablets may help you meet your energy needs. Vitamin B complex present in a multivitamin helps to release copious amount of energy through the food you eat.
  • Boosts the Immune System - The multivitamin tablets are loaded with various vitamins that act as antioxidants and are specifically required for strengthening the immunity. These are essentially vitamin A, C, D, E along with selenium and zinc. Also, these antioxidants fight free radicals formed due to stress, wrong habits, pollution and are known to delay the ageing process.
  • Maintains Strength & Vitality - Anaemia is still prevalent in majority of the population in India. Most multivitamins have iron, folic acid and vitamin B12 to take care of low haemoglobin levels. And taking one routinely in turn benefits the core strength and vitality of the consumer.
  • Beneficial for Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails - Many vitamins like vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E and Biotin are required for healthy hair. And a regular dose of multivitamins can help you get all these together. Also, multivitamins are crucial in maintaining a soft and supple skin mainly due to the presence of vitamin E.
  • Improves appetite - Multivitamins play a major role in improving lost appetite in post-operative cases. Also, many people on a weight loss regime may not consume enough vitamins and minerals which are important for metabolic functions. Including a good quality multivitamin not only satiates the requirement but also speeds up the basal metabolic rate for a faster weight loss.
  • Keeps Heart Healthy - Many studies have shown that daily intake of multivitamin tablets may even reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and helps keep the heart healthy.
  • Reduces Cancer Risk - Certain antioxidants like Grapeseed extract is highly potent in inhibiting cancer cell growth. Some researchers have shown that taking multivitamins with powerful antioxidants regularly may reduce the risk for certain types of cancer.
  • Reduces Stress & Depression - The vitamins and minerals in your multivitamin tablets can significantly reduce stress and depression symptoms. Vitamin B stimulates your nervous system to produce stress hormones to reduce stress. Acquiring enough vitamins and minerals also improves the brain functions responsible for good mood.
  • Supports Eye Health - Many studies suggest vitamins, minerals and antioxidants may slow down the formation of cataract and progression of macular degeneration. Moreover, xanthophyll rich compounds like Astaxanthin or Zeaxanthin can prevent dry eyes, eye strain, fatigue and soreness that may damage the eye.
  • Maintains bone health - Adequate amounts of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus along with vitamin D3 from multivitamin takes care of good bone health for all age groups. Most people above the age of 40 years are recommended supplements to take care of their declining bone health.
    Most multivitamins and minerals these days have an added portfolio of herbs to benefit certain core aspects. Like the Daily Multivitamins from BestSource Nutrition has herbs like Ashwagandha, Licorice and Ginger for extra vigour, vitality, youth and immunity. BestSource Nutrition is known for using high quality ingredients to produce a quality formula for daily multivitamins.
    Knowing all these benefits, a routine dose of multivitamins can replenish your body’s need. As a thumb rule, try to take your multivitamins after a meal for reaping maximum health benefits. This is particularly because fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, D, E, K need fats as a medium to be well absorbed and assimilated into your system.


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