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5 Common health issues in men that affects quality of life

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Dr. Varsha Mishra
Dietitian Tasneem Ravat
(Asst. Professor, RD, CDE, Certified Sports Nutritionist)

Some men downplay many health issues affecting their quality of life in youth and old age. Saw palmetto can lower the risk of diseases such as prostate cancer, renal problems, baldness and even provide a remedy for sexual dysfunction.

Men focus on their health mainly to ensure that their bodies remain fit and toned. Many men therefore fail to observe the common signs and symptoms of diseases and health issues. Further, especially in old age, men are notorious for ignoring diseases and not actively seeking a remedy for their ailments. It is well known that life expectancy for men is lower than that for women. One of the major reasons could be that men tend to avoid visiting doctors or wellness clinics for any remedy to be immediately provided to address visible or latent diseases. Even when men seek medical assistance, they:

  • Are more likely to ignore the severity of symptoms
  • Are more likely to not go for follow-up appointments
  • Are less likely to complete the prescribed course of medicine

Based on these findings, here is a list of the top five health issues men face, and the specific remedy for each of these:

  • Prostate Cancer: It is one of the most dangerous diseases affecting men today. Prostate cancer is associated with prostate enlargement, which happens as men move into the phase of old age. Various flavonoids and sterols are found to act as a remedy by lowering the enlargement of the prostate gland through restriction of dihydrotestosterone, which is responsible for the cellular reproduction of the prostate. Thus, the chances of developing prostate cancer decrease and this also eliminates the unvoiced complaints of painful urination and discomfort that accompanies prostate enlargement.The saw palmetto extract capsules are found to lower the risk of prostate cancer, which can be an easy preventive remedy for this most common of old age diseases affecting men.
  • Kidney Diseases: As men age, the urinary organs weaken, making incontinence much more common in old age populations. A daily supplement of saw palmetto oil extract can be a most effective remedy to strengthen the urinary organs in old age, thus preventing incontinence. Simultaneously, saw palmetto also reduces the risk of renal diseases.
  • Hair Loss: Male pattern hairloss is very common among men and can affect the young ones too. It is estimated that hair loss occurs in 70% of all men at some point in their lives. While some flaunt their bald head and consider it fashionable, most men find male baldness humiliating, as it signals decreasing vitality and youth. Flavonoids found in saw palmetto extract stimulate hair growth. Although there is no magic gun to end male pattern baldness, saw palmetto is a safe remedy to try short of turning to chemical or more severe and drastic methods to decrease or reverse baldness. Including proteins in the diet such as pulses, dairy products, chicken, meat, eggs can also help strengthen hair.
  • Decrease in Muscle Mass: As age increases, the muscle mass declines, affecting the physique and overall health and decline in the quality of life in old age, thereby also are increasing the risk of various diseases. Muscles are proteinic in nature and can be built and retained by including protein in the diet. Therefore men should consume protein-rich foods in each meal of the day.
  • Sexual Health: Decline in testosterone in old age can result in lowered libido and testicular problem. Saw palmetto is act as a testosterone booster by reducing the conversion of testosterone into DHT, which can help maintain sexual health in men.
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