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Why can't salads be tasty?

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Dietitian Pooja Maheshwari
Research Dietician, CDE, N.D.D.Y.

A salad can be one of the easiest ways to lose weight and make a noticeable difference to your body. Salads are good sources of insoluble fiber, which keeps your digestive tract healthy and makes you feel full for longer. We also tell you why Garcinia Cambogia can help you become best friends with your tasty green salad, with or without dressing!

In the journey of weight management, diet is very important. Weight loss can be a slow process, but some ingredients help you to increase metabolism, bust hunger and burn stubborn belly fat. The easiest way to ensure all this is to have a tasty green salad.

Understanding what makes salads important:

Salads play a very important role in the meal, and doctors always advice that one make salad a daily habit for healthy living. We can make salads without sacrificing flavor by mixing ingredients such as green vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, paneer etc. Today’s stressful lifestyle makes salads an essential quick solution to provide essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber to the body. A sensible diet recommends that salad should be part of everyday meals but it is called a diet food or meal for weight management because of many reasons. Chief among these are:

  • Its active ingredients fight free radicals and lower inflammation in cells, which promote weight reduction and help you get a perfect waistline.
  • Salads contain fiber, which helps you feel full and satisfied with less food quantity or calories.
  • Salads increase bulk and remove constipation that makes the gut healthy, which is helpful in weight loss.
  • Salads are an easy way to mix and match fruits or veggies because you can get a lot of variety in just one bowl.
  • Salads can actually help you add healthy fats in your diet.
  • Salads definitely have lower amounts of calories present in a bowl than the calories present in fast foods such as burgers or pizzas.

Understanding how to make salads healthy and tasty:

Thus, there are countless benefits of eating salad, which not only help in losing weight but are also good for hair, skin and general health. However, many people acknowledge that eating salads daily is healthy but it can be boring!! Salads are all about presentation. To make salad tasty, appealing and healthy, we can include the following ingredients:–

Greens : Green vegetables help to make salad both tasty and healthy. All natural greens are rich in calcium, zinc, B-carotene, phosphorus, potassium and other micronutrients. Green vegetables help in strengthen bones and ensure that the salad has massive doses of fiber, along with the fresh and pleasant green color.

Dressing : Salad dressings can make salad mouthwatering or defeat its very purpose! A salad dressing can be healthy when it uses ingredients such as vinegar, olive oil, hung curd, lemon juice, herbs etc.The most basic way to make salad taste great is to toss it lightly with a dressing of olive oil, with a squeeze of lemon or vinegar to make salad taste delicious. Herbs used as a dressing can enhance taste too. However, heavy dressings such as cream or mayonnaise based commercially sold products can add taste but also more calories and can defeat the purpose of salad as a weight control food.

Spices : Salads do not need to be eaten bland. Spices can make salads taste fantastic if you use the right flavors and ingredients. Spices such as chili peppers, black pepper, black or rock salt, crushed and roasted cumin seed, garlic, fennel, and many others can make even a simple salad tasty, mouthwatering and provide it a major boost with the antibacterial and health aiding properties of the spice ingredients. Some spices such as cinnamon and oregano also have fat-burning properties.

Healthy Fats : Salads can help you include healthy and vital fats in your diet. Unlike fatty dressings and smothering processed cheese, there are many good fats that can be used as a healthy option when you make salad or order it. Avocados, nuts, olive oil can be the best way to include healthy fats in a salad.

Protein rich : Salads are not always just about vegetables. An easy way to make salad protein rich is by adding paneer, hung curd, a boiled egg, beans, lentils, lean chicken etc, which can easily and quickly help you turn a simple side salad into a whole meal.

Natural Sweetness : A little sweetness can make salad tangy, refreshing and tasty. A good way to ensure this is to add fresh fruits such as apples, pears, berries or dried fruits such as raisins, almonds, walnuts etc.either as a salad topping or an ingredient.

Understanding the secret ingredient that can make salads satisfying:

If losing weight is the primary goal, eating a low calorie or controlled calorie healthy diet is important.Sometimes, a salad meal appears burdensome for weight watchers. This is not because of taste, but because the person believes that the hunger is not adequately satisfied. In this situation, the brain plays an important role. Our brain and body use a combination of signals to indicate “fullness”. Here, a natural weight loss supplement can help you out by reducing hunger pains. That means if you feel less hungry between meals and even while eating, if you need to eat less to feel full. Taking a natural supplements 30 minutes before eating can reduce hunger. It will also make you feel satiated with a smaller meal, along with helping you to maintain gaps between meals without the urge to snack between meal times, which is the biggest single culprit responsible for most weight control diets failing to produce results that are lasting. A weight loss supplement such as Garcinia Cambogia from BestSource Nutrition has natural ingredients and is free of any adverse side effects. Garcinia contains HCA that help suppress and control appetite by increasing serotonin levels.

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4 thoughts on “Why can't salads be tasty?

Article with amazing fact

What an amazing facts provided in this article which I didn’t know . This is quite informative and made aware me to include the salad as part of my diet…. please keep post such article to make this world more healthy…….

February 25, 2017 at 14:09pm
Nice article, useful info... Good work

Nice article, useful info… Good work

February 25, 2017 at 13:08pm

Useful information dear
Keep it up…

February 5, 2017 at 14:35pm

Good going Dr..
Keep it up

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