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5 Reasons why you are missing good night sleep

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Dt. Chhavi Goel Manglik
Dietitian Chhavi Goel Manglik
Certified Diabetic Educator

The most common disorder hampering and affecting life directly is missing sound sleep. To counter insomnia and sleep well, chamomile tea is the best natural remedy.

Sleep is a vital necessity. Sound, comfortable and restful sleep improves life while missed sleep or insomnia causes many ailments. Among key causes for insomnia, the most common and prevalent causes that hamper sleep include:

      • Anxiety: Anxiety, tension, stress, depression all fall in an interlinked spectrum of causes for insomnia. Anxiety is among the prime and most definite causes of insomnia identified so far. Mental illness is ranked as directly proportional to sleep disorder. Anxiety can arise from minor things such as an incomplete to-do list, or pressure and targets or time lines for work can be among its causes.
        To my clients seeking a natural remedy to control anxiety levels, I usually advise them to use Chamomile tea, from BestSource Nutrition. In a study, some participants were given chamomile tea, while others were given a placebo. It was found that the group given chamomile tea exhibited improvements against GAD symptoms. Chamomile helps to calm the mind, which is among the key causes why I recommend it to patients afflicted with the adverse effects of stress and anxiety induced insomnia.
      • Less exercise: For people suffering from insomnia, daily exercise is vital. Exercise improves the balance between physical and mental health and causes a release in tension. Thus, exercise promotes healthy sleep. Vigorous exercise increases the metabolism and boosts the production of adrenalin. Therefore, avoid exercising during the late evening hours. To ensure sound sleep, try exercising during the first half of the day.
      • Premenstrual symptoms: In women, bad premenstrual cramps are among causes of disturbed sleep or insomnia. Chamomile tea is a natural remedy for people affected by the PMS syndrome. Chamomile provides relief to PMS sufferers by aiding restful state of mind vital for deeper sleep. Chamomile helps a person attain relaxation by lessening cramping, reducing irritability and relaxing the uterus. Chamomile tea is a natural remedy usually consumed before bed. Nutritional experts recommend drinking a cup of chamomile tea before bed. History states that chamomile was even used by the Egyptians to cure menstrual cramps. A modern study indicates that muscles are calmed with the use of chamomile tea as chamomile is a natural remedy for raising the body’s levels of glycine, a composite that calms muscles.
      • Stomach upset: One of most common causes of insomnia is an upset stomach. Once again, chamomile tea is a natural remedy for any stomach pain. Studies reveal chamomile tea is a natural remedy with benefits during digestive disorders, stomach aches, and constipation. Chamomile is a known natural anti-gas and anti-spasmodic agent.
      • Muscle tension: Twitching of muscles is another well-established cause of insomnia. Drinking chamomile tea before bed can help reduce twitching, relaxing muscles due to neurological grounds. Hence, Chamomile tea is a natural remedy that is extremely good to reduce muscle tension. It raises the levels of nitric oxide, which helps ease discomfort and ache caused by autoimmune disorders. Newer study have determined that chamomile tea eases pain caused by inflammation. Thus, it is a natural remedy helping people suffering from arthritis, fatigue, rheumatism or fibromyalgia.

Because of the huge benefits of chamomile, which is a purely natural remedy, I recommend it to people and advise them to build a habit of consuming it instead of sugary carbonated drinks, sodas, alcohol, tea or coffee, which all are silent sleep robbers causing and increasing insomnia and aggravating chemical imbalance in the brain. Moreover, Chamomile is a great sleep inducer and is reported to even help in reducing nightmares.

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