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5 Steps to aid post-Menopausal Health

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Women of age between 45 and 50 years go through menopause. There are easy ways to ensure good health and reduce symptoms such as hot flashes to reduce the severity of menopausal symptoms. Following a healthy lifestyle, balanced nutrition and preventive care can help this journey.

Menopause is the end of menstruation in women. This is part of the natural aging process of women entering the non-childbearing years. Though most women reach menopause after the age of 50, menopause can happen anytime between the ages of 40 to 50 years. Women heading towards the age of menopause may have irregular menstruation and less blood flow, however, this may not be the case for all women. The most common problems associated with menopause are hot flashes and night sweat. Research relates these symptoms to the hypothalamus, which regulates body temperature and is affected by estrogen. During menopause, both the estrogen and progesterone levels decline, resulting in hot flashes and night sweats. Hot flashes cause reddening and warming of the head and neck. It may last from 30 seconds to as long as five minutes, at a time. Hot flashes may start two years before menopause and may last for as long as seven years. It is essential for women to treat hot flashes and to take care of their health after menopause, as low levels of estrogen can increase the risk of women’s health problems.

Here are the top five measures that can keep women healthy even after the age of menopause:

  • Improve nutritional intake: It is very important to eat a completely balanced diet to avail the benefits from all five food groups. Try to opt for nutrient-dense foods that are packed with many nutrients but are low on calories. Women who are 50 years of age and above and are very active should have approximately 2000 calories per day. Moderately active women should consume somewhere around 1800 calories per day. Women with a sedentary lifestyle should not have more than 1600 calories per day. After menopause, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6 are very essential for the body. Vitamin B12 is vital to maintain blood and nerve health and Vitamin B6 helps the body make hemoglobin. Drinking plenty of water should also be an essential part of the diet for women of the age of menopause.
  • Boost bone health: After menopause, most women are at an increased risk of developing osteoporosis or weakening of bones. Estrogen supports osteoblasts, which are essential for new bone formation. Without or with low levels of estrogen, osteoblasts are not able to produce enough new bone tissues, resulting in the weakening of bones. This can result in fractures, especially of the wrist, hip, and spine bones, in women at the age of menopause. As women age, the ability of the body to recover is reduced, which may cause serious health problems. With regular physical activity and a balanced diet fortified with Vitamin D and calcium, the risk of osteoporosis can be reduced. Cissus Quadrangularis from BestSource nutrition is a good way to naturally support osteoblasts.
  • Treat hot flashes: Women cannot avoid hot flashes during and after menopause, but the severity of hot flashes can be reduced by making small lifestyle changes. Cut back on caffeine intake as caffeine may trigger hot flashes. Exercising regularly not only helps to improve overall health but also helps to reduce the intensity of hot flashes. Smoking should be stopped immediately as it worsens hot flashes. Avoid wearing tight clothes and always try to maintain a comfortably cold temperature around you. Including herbs such as Red Clover can help in reducing the severity of hot flashes. Research has shown that in women, red clover significantly eases menopausal symptoms (such as hot flashes, estrogen imbalance, cardiovascular health, and osteoporosis, etc.) and has a positive effect on vaginal cytology due to its naturally occurring isoflavones. Red clover is a source of many nutrients including calcium, magnesium and has blood-purifying action. Red Clover Herb by BestSource Nutrition is a nourishing Herb for all women, in age ranging from pre to post-menopause.
  • Keep a check on weight and heart: Weight gain often accompanies menopause, but remember, menopause is not the only reason for gaining weight. Weight gain is natural in women as they age and is completely reversible. The low estrogen levels post-menopause cause women to gain weight, predominantly in the abdomen area. In addition, visceral fat around the waist and vital organs increases the risk of developing heart disease. As estrogen helps to keep blood vessels flexible, i.e. they can adjust to accommodate blood flow, both weight gain and heart disease can be kept at bay by following a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. Women should eat foods that are low in saturated and trans fats and high in fiber with 30-45 minutes of physical activity. Along with this natural weight loss dietary supplement such as LOSE FAT include in your routine.
  • Preventive care is necessary: Eating a balanced diet and regular exercise is what women at the age of menopause must do to take care of their health. It is essential to get yourself tested regularly after the age of 50 for diabetes, hypertension, pelvic and breast exams, and Pap smear for cervical cancer. In addition, women should get their eyes, skin, and teeth checked regularly. Talk to your doctor if any vaccinations or supplements are required. Most importantly, always listen to your body, as it will give you signals when it is time to see the doctor.

The above few steps can make women’s menopause journey healthy. Along with these steps, supplementation of Red Clover herbal tea can ease post-menopause symptoms. Red clover is an excellent source of many vital nutrients such as isoflavones, calcium, chromium, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, and vitamin C. This makes Red Clover a complete remedy for post-menopausal women to not only help them in maintaining a healthy weight but also to help them have a stress-free menopause, maintain bone health, and prevent health risks.

Menopause is not all bad once you know how to flush the hot flashes off!

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