Do Health Issues Hinder Weight Management?

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Controlling weight gain becomes difficult if a person suffers from other health issues. This article discusses how to regain good health and achieve your desired weight loss results, after examining causes arising from various health issues and advising you on how to improve your diet and fitness regime.

Are you unable to lose weight even with diet and exercise? Many internal imbalances or changes can cause difficulty in weight loss, increasing risk of weight gain and obesity. Unfortunately, a person’s eating habits are not always the causes for weight gain, as there may be a couple of other causes apart from imbalanced diet that lead to weight gain or inability to see a perceptible or sustained weight loss result. The causes of weight gain or obesity are various and may differ for each individual. Weight loss becomes extremely difficult and challenging once you gain too much weight. Being a health coach, I have found that some health issues and causes that make weight loss difficult are-

  • Heart Health: Numerous heart conditions and their after effects prevent a person from focusing on a weight loss regimen via conventional methods such as exercising and diet control, especially as over exertion can be fatal for heart patients.
  • Post hysterectomy: After the procedure females can face many physical and mental issues. On one side, hormonal imbalance causes weight gain and simultaneously, on the other side, post-surgery pain and soreness makes weight loss difficult.
  • Hypothyroidism: Thyroid malfunction affects metabolism considerably as it causes basal metabolic rate or BMR to drop. A slow BMR makes it extremely difficult to lose weight.

Pre- Diabetes and Diabetes: Both conditions affect a person’s weight due to the body’s inability to utilize glucose, which ultimately causes weight gain.

These conditions keep creating the persistent symptoms of weakness, un-easiness and tiredness.There can also be many other causes for the inability to lose weight besides these major ones.

However, apart from understanding causes, we need to focus on the solutions for achieving good health and reversing weight gain. Of course, diet and lifestyle changes are of much help. One can reduce weight gain by following some of these basic health rules, with diet control being a top priority-

  • Avoid high calorie diet (processed, cheesy food including bakery products)
  • Incorporate fresh fruits, vegetables and homemade dishes in your daily diet
  • Opt for foods with low calories in diet rather than eating or drinking foods with high calorie counts such as sugary drinks or colas
  • Control alcohol intake
  • Avoid over stress and ensure ample sleep
  • Become a more active person with a regular exercise regime
  • Avoid gaining additional weight and try to maintain a healthy weight
  • Limit sodium intake in the diet
  • Maintain a regular check of all other specific health conditions

Although theoretically it is easy to reduce weight gain, practically, it is indeed difficult, especially when suffering from various adverse health conditions. As it is always not possible to follow and sustain a well-maintained healthy life, we can take help or a starting push by including a natural fat burner or weight loss supplement in our daily diet. Precautions must be taken to choose safe and natural options. According to a review article by Robert, which is published in the Journal of American Family Physician 2004, some natural sources such as Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea, and Green Coffee Bean show good results with the combination of diet and exercise as they improve the weight loss process by their chemical activity. Likewise, people who used natural weight loss supplements usually can stay highly motivated to lose weight. Physicians can try to harness this motivation to encourage more proactive and established approaches to weight loss.

For this weight loss to be effective, especially for people with underlying health concerns, my first choice recommendation is to use LOSE FAT™, a revolutionary natural product from BestSource Nutrition. LOSE FAT™ contains all the necessary natural ingredients that aid in weight loss in safe limits.

Thus if you are facing difficulty in losing weight due to any health issue, you can safely use LOSE FAT™ to help achieve your weight loss targets and gain good health.

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