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Dt. Maithili Pashtekar
Dietitian Maithili Pashtekar
Registered Dietician ,P.G.Dip Clinical Nutrition

Festival & holiday food indulgences lead to unwanted weight gain & bloating, requiring a colon cleanse. Detoxification using a combination of herbal teas & detox diet gives you the ‘best cleanse’ at home, which helps reduce the extra kilos.

The Festival & holiday season is a much-awaited time for rejoicing. It is the time to relax, travel and indulge in good company and food. Festival indulgences, however, right from heavy meals, cakes, pastries, mithai & rich food, include plenty of saturated fats & sugars that release toxins in our body.

Our body needs a healthy cleanse from the buildup of these toxins, which can otherwise pose a serious health risk. Post-festival detoxification is a must as this helps us in performing a colon cleanse (excretion of toxins via stomach). As a Nutritionist, I would advise you to undergo safe detoxification using a combination of a healthy detox diet, exercise, and herbal teas.

Here are my five tried and tested tips to help you in a natural colon cleanse & herbal detoxification:

#Tip 1:Balanced detox diet- Include high fiber whole grains such as oats, dalia, whole wheat, fruits, vegetables, salads, sprouts in your daily diet. Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants that help in the best cleanse by aiding natural detoxification. The fibers in whole grains bind with excess fat in the body and help in the colon cleanse of our system.

#TIP 2: Drink herbal tea- As herbal tea contains antioxidants that bind with body toxins and help in flushing them out as part of the colon cleanse. FIT BODY Detox tea has the best combination of exotic teas and herbal extracts, which act as the best cleanse for our system. Rooibos tea contributes to the refreshing aroma & striking red color of FIT BODY Detox tea. Rooibos tea has ten different antioxidants, with ‘asphalthin’ being the most potent among them. A study conducted by Canda et al 2014 brings out the importance of rooibos tea in helping liver detoxification.

Another ingredient, green tea, also supports natural detoxification. It contains epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which acts as an antioxidant. A study by Sarah et al in 2011 confirms the effect of green tea in promoting liver detoxification and states it provide the best cleanse in the scavenging of free radicals.

A study conducted by Fu et al in 2013 brings out the benefits of the herbal extract–liquorice– as an antioxidant. This helps in reducing inflammation in our bodies.

Thus, opt for a fabulous cup of FIT BODY Detox tea on an empty stomach to help you achieve the best cleanse!

#TIP 3: Consume plenty of fluids- Fluids are a core part of the detox diet. Fluids help you to flush out toxins through sweat & urine.

Include at least three liters of liquids such as plain water, buttermilk, coconut water, soups, jaljeera, etc. in your day’s detox diet.

# TIP 4: Exercise- Exercise helps to move the toxins stored in fat tissues and in flushing them out of the system as sweat. It also increases circulation to the digestive tract, mobilizing toxins to the stomach, and thereby starting the process of a proper colon cleanse.

Start with simple workouts such as walking, dancing, yoga, simple home floor exercises, or a combination of these at least four times each week for a sustained period of 30 minutes.

#TIP 5: Maintain motivation- Starting a weight loss schedule and following it consistently can be difficult, especially after the holiday periods of heavy indulgence. Try finding inner motivation by determining a good purpose for targeted weight loss. It can be any good reason – such as fitting into your favorite dress from five years ago, rediscovering your youthful energy levels, or an event such as an upcoming party – to help you stick to a sensible weight loss schedule.

Aim to start with the best cleanse this holiday season, to help you remain in peak shape, with herbal FIT BODY Detox tea, a healthy detox diet & fun exercise!

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