08- Sep-2021

How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally by Omega 3 Fish Oil

Dt. Munazzah Qazi
Dietitian Munazzah Qazi
Consultant Dietitian
B.H.Sc, P.G, R.D, C.D.E

Our heart is the most important organ which pumps blood day in and out. But what do we do to keep our heart healthy? Poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, high stress levels are a part of our life which are all causing elevated cholesterol levels. Watch this video to know who to manage cholesterol level naturally.

High cholesterol levels is a wake up call to pay attention to fitness, especially heart health. It is an indication that our lifestyle is causing harm to our own heart health. Managing and maintaining good heart health requires good nutrition, active and healthy lifestyle. Also, good fats play a very essential role for managing high cholesterol levels. In this video Dietitian Munazzah Qazi speaks on how Omega-3 fish oil having essential omega 3 fatty acids, play significant role in managing high cholesterol levels. Dietitian Munazzah Qazi is a registered dietitian with 15yr clinical practice. Watch this video and share it with your loved once.

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