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Liver Detox : 5 Easy Steps

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Liver health
Dt Aruna M
Dietitian Aruna M
M.Sc. Clinical Nutrition, NET Cleared

We live in an environment filled with deadly toxins, which can result in improper functioning of the liver. Fortunately, you can detox through a liver cleanse based on a diet withfresh fruits and vegetables, along with natural supplements.

Liver, is the largest internal organ in the human, performs an array of important functions. It determines the overall health and wellness of an individual. With consistent rise in the consumption of processed foods, the liver faces a strong challenge to eliminate toxins from the body. Apart from alcohol abuse, several factors can cause liver damage such as chronic malnutrition, chemical exposure, consuming raw shellfish, poisonous mushrooms, and certain medications. It is therefore important to regularly detox the liver, using natural foods and supplements. A healthy diet can aid in natural liver cleanse to remove toxins effectively. Let us have a quick preview into the five effective detox points for a safe liver cleanse.

  • Eliminate foods that act as toxins: Consuming a diet with more processed foods can stress the liver. Nitrates and nitrites found in smoked and cured meat is among the biggest threats in diet. Convenience foods with high amounts of trans fat and chemical preservatives can also result in an accumulation of toxins in the liver. It is important to eliminate such foods from the diet. Substitute processed foods in your diet such as potato chips with nuts, fruits and vegetables. Choose homemade foods to avoid the overloading of preservatives in your liver.
  • Choose raw vegetable juices for an effective liver cleanse: To remove toxins from the liver, include four to five servings of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Consuming vegetable juice made using three to four vegetables can be the best way to detox the liver. On juicing vegetables, the nutrients are more easily available for digestion and absorption. For an effective liver cleanse, combine vegetables such as mint, coriander, carrot, cabbage and cucumber. These natural vegetables raise and optimize the body’s natural pH balance, flush out toxins, and help develop a healthy liver. Make your cup of juice rich in antioxidants, colorful and healthy.
  • Select natural foods rich in potassium: Potassium is an important nutrient that aids in a liver cleanse. A medium sized sweet potato is the richest source of potassium at 9% potassium content or 337mg per 100gm serving. It also has fair amounts of beta-carotene, Vitamin C, iron, magnesium, and fiber to detox the liver. Tomatoes, greens and beetroot are the other rich sources of potassium. Include them in your salads and soups. Among beans, choose kidney beans to enhance your intake of potassium. And finally, incorporate bananas into your diet to ensure optimum amounts of potassium intake. All these foods help evacuate toxins from the body and aid a liver cleanse.
  • Include healthy fats in your diet: The liver produces bile to breakdown fats. It is necessary to consume the right type of fats, such as healthy Omega-3s, which allow optimalliver functioning. Omega-3 fat sources include oily fishes such as sardines and herrings and nuts such as almonds and walnuts. Flax seeds and flaxseed oil softgels, chia seeds and olives also support liver health. Avoid saturated fats and junk food.
  • Choose natural herbs for liver cleanse: Milk thistle is an important herb to detox the liver. It functions as an antioxidant and helps in the repair of liver cells. Research suggests that it protects the liver from various toxins by increasing protein synthesis and scavenging free radicals. You can supplement your diet with natural milk thistle extracts available from BestSource Nutrition Pvt. Ltd. The active component found in milk thistle, known as silymarin, is perfect for an effective liver cleanse.
    Pick your diet options wisely to naturally detox the liver, with natural products, to enjoy good all-around health.
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